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Brent Gallagher stresses helping clients understand the importance of getting enough sleep to help them eat better, recover faster, lose weight and feel better.

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Todd Bumgardner discusses his business values in order to create a balance between his online and studio businesses.

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Erik Marthaler discusses the timeline of what happened from creating the idea of Lateral Fitness actually opening the doors. 

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Thoughts on the switching fitness studio insurance carriers, by Jennifer Urmston Lowe of Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation.

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Jenna Zaffino discusses what she wants her brand to say about her.

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Jane Bahneman, owner of Blue Nectar Yoga, offers tips for starting studio owners.

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Rachel Cosgrove talks about how she honed her niche of being the best trainer for women and get into new opportunities.

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PJ Stahl discusses how he finds great personal trainers in order to further the strength of his brand.

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Jon Goodman describes some of the biggest reasons personal trainers struggle with making online training profitable.

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Mike Arce discusses how to create your own niche by specializing and becoming an expert with clients, as well as how he personally did it as a personal trainer.

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Brent Gallagher shares that you need to make the basics cool in order to keep clients motivated.

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Todd Bumgardner discusses how he and his business partner compliment each other in co-owning the business.

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Doug Holt discusses how to write the best success stories of your clients, as well as the importance of adding them to your website.  

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Anthony Trucks discusses how he runs his 3 independent businesses, and how he found ways to leverage and monetize all the information he is getting.

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Your to-do list is neverending, there’s always another fire to put out and somewhere along the way you have to figure out how to do all the stuff that keeps your business moving forward.

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Anthony Carey discusses why he thinks you should do what you do best, and let others handle the rest.

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Overview of studio industry trends, from the Club Industry Show 2016 presentation: The State of the Fitness Studio Industry.


Kevin Steele at Club Industry 2016.

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Josh Leve of AFS shares his thoughts on the trend of fitness wearable devices and the future of wearables in the fitness studio industry.

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Lauren Eirk discusses how she assesses clients by evaluating their range of motion and performing muscle testing to see if there's any muscle weakness.

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