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Josh Leve and Liz Callham of AFS discuss what to say and not to say to clients to keep your professionalism while supporting their health and fitness goals.

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Brent Gallagher shares how to track progress with clients, and how this is defined according to their goals.

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Todd Bumgardner discusses how he created an online community with Strength Faction.

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Doug Holt discusses the best way to ask for testimonials from clients, including the right timeframe and asking when that client is at an emotional high.

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Josh Leve and Liz Callham of AFS discuss the best ways to showcase your clients' success on social media or your website. This includes learning which clients you can use for marketing by asking yourself what are your clients getting from you.

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Jennifer Urmston Lowe of Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation discusses personal injury.

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Jenna Zaffino discusses how she made a name for herself in the Pilates community, and how she knew when she was ready to open her own studio.

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Brent Gallagher, AFS Community Expert and owner of Avenu Fitness & Lifestyle, talks about the importance of joining the Association of Fitness Studios in order to succeed in the business of fitness.

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Rick Mayo discusses tips for the best customer service.

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Josh Leve of AFS shares his thoughts on why consumers are willing to pay more for studios and the personalized consumer experience.

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AFS and MATRIX are excited to have industry leader, AFS Advisory Council member and all around fitness expert Stephen Tharrett present his top 10 characteristics of the most successful fitness studio/gym operators in the country. 

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Josh Leve of AFS shares his thoughts on consumer attitudes including healthy eating and stress control.

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Anthony Truck teaches people how not to run into the same pitfalls he did, by running the business like a business.

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Josh Leve and Liz Callham of AFS discuss how to handle your clients when you're having an off day.

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Lauren Eirk discusses how to keep clients motivated long-term, including having a plan for their workouts, giving the client variety and taking notes in sessions.

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Brent Gallagher shares the best way of really helping clients progress and stay accountable.

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Todd Bumgardner shares his advice for those looking to open a studio.

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Jennifer Urmston Lowe helps you learn to identify if you are paying too much for fitness studio insurance.

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In this webcast, AFS Video Communications Manager Liz Callham interviews Mike Arce - Founder & CEO of Loud Rumor and the GSD Show. 

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Doug Holt discusses ways to promote your business services beyond Facebook, such as going to active groups, and joining service clubs.

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