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Lauren Eirk discusses how to keep clients motivated long-term, including having a plan for their workouts, giving the client variety and taking notes in sessions.

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Brent Gallagher shares the best way of really helping clients progress and stay accountable.

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Todd Bumgardner shares his advice for those looking to open a studio.

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Jennifer Urmston Lowe helps you learn to identify if you are paying too much for fitness studio insurance.

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In this webcast, AFS Video Communications Manager Liz Callham interviews Mike Arce - Founder & CEO of Loud Rumor and the GSD Show. 

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Doug Holt discusses ways to promote your business services beyond Facebook, such as going to active groups, and joining service clubs.

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Join AFS and RealRyder® International as we discuss what you can do to stand out among the sea of competition. With new fitness studios opening at a rapid pace, find out what's necessary to stay a step ahead and thrive into the future. 

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Join MINDBODY’s Channel Sales Manager Drew Surprenant as he walks you through key initiatives to utilizing technology to drive traffic to your location and to keep them! 

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In this webinar, TRX will show you how to leverage this shift in consumer/member fitness habits — using the latest technology — to create authentic connections and drive retention in your facility.

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AFS and FitCloudConnect are excited to bring you this webinar where you'll earn all about one of the latest trends in fitness - Streaming Technology!  Grow your membership, revenues and your business, and build a REAL CONNECTION with your members.

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AFS and MYZONE bring you this very timely and incredibly important webinar geared towards increasing custom lifetime value with wearable technology! With heart rate technology being the #1 trend two years in a row, this is a can't miss webinar opportunity.

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Discussing the impact Vibration Training can have on the fitness studio market to stand-out and become a differentiating factor in your community.

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AFS and SportsArt are excited to present this webinar on embracing new technology to achieve your mission but also engage and retain your members.

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AFS and Matrix Fitness are thrilled to present this webinar built to provide you with proven methods of building a successful programming mix for your business without spreading yourself too thin. 

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My Revolution Fitness owner Tracy Martins divulge's his strategies to keep his members coming back again and again through the best fitness programming in his community.  Interview by Josh Leve, AFS Founder & CEO.

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Ivo Grossi, discusses the company's environmentally-friendly ​mission and vision, ​and how current fitness business operators can leverage SportsArt's Eco-Power ​technology to create a major differentiating factor in their businesses. 

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AFS and Power Plate are excited to present this webinar showcasing how you can leverage vibration training to maximize the success of your fitness business and empower your staff to get real results. 

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AFS and MYZONE are excited to present this webinar showcasing how you can leverage heart rate training to maximize the success of your fitness business and empower your staff to get real results. 

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In this video Dan Duran from PTA Global goes into even more detail on his process by sharing their developed Questionnaire. 

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Dan Duran from PTA Global discusses being able to connect with your clients in a way that builds trust and safety are two main ingredients to a long-lasting and successful relationship.  

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