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Kyle Dobbs shares the importance of recovery and tips for pre and post workout. 

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Jon Goodman discusses why he created an online personal training program and how it differentiates from working in a gym or studio.

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Todd Bumgardner discusses his business values in order to create a balance between his online and studio businesses.

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Jon Goodman describes some of the biggest reasons personal trainers struggle with making online training profitable.

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Todd Bumgardner discusses how he and his business partner compliment each other in co-owning the business.

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Lauren Eirk discusses how she assesses clients by evaluating their range of motion and performing muscle testing to see if there's any muscle weakness.

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Todd Bumgardner discusses how he created an online community with Strength Faction.

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Josh Leve and Liz Callham of AFS discuss how to handle your clients when you're having an off day.

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Lauren Eirk discusses how to keep clients motivated long-term, including having a plan for their workouts, giving the client variety and taking notes in sessions.

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Brent Gallagher shares the best way of really helping clients progress and stay accountable.

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Todd Bumgardner shares his advice for those looking to open a studio.

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Discussing the impact Vibration Training can have on the fitness studio market to stand-out and become a differentiating factor in your community.

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AFS and Power Plate are excited to present this webinar showcasing how you can leverage vibration training to maximize the success of your fitness business and empower your staff to get real results. 

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AFS and MYZONE are excited to present this webinar showcasing how you can leverage heart rate training to maximize the success of your fitness business and empower your staff to get real results. 

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Dan Duran from PTA Global discusses being able to connect with your clients in a way that builds trust and safety are two main ingredients to a long-lasting and successful relationship.  

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AFS and FAI bring you this very important webinar related to engaging with the older population demographic. Understand the key differentiating factors that will magnetically attract the ideal older client to your fitness business.

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Get expert advice on how the best fitness studio owners have not only become successful but maintained that success.

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From net client growth to class participation, tracking and analyzing you numbers is a critical piece to running a successful fitness studio.

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Calculating ROI can sometimes be difficult to quantify. In this Q&A clip, Ingrid Owen talks about how to ensure your programming is receiving a solid return on investment.

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Finding people that fit the culture you've worked so hard to achieve can be a challenge for many studio owners.   

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