AFS Logos and Membership Certificate

Access the AFS Member Logos

Proudly display your AFS member logos everywhere and anywhere, including on your website, in your marketing flyers, Facebook page, business cards, and anywhere else you can. You’re a member of an organization that stands for proper conduct and you subscribe to this important ideology. Don’t hide this affiliation, rather, embrace and promote it.

Download Your AFS Membership Certificate

Frame your AFS membership certificate and display it in high traffic areas as a constant reminder to members, clients, and staff of the high standards you hold.

How to Differentiate Yourself and Your Business With AFS

In an era where there’s a fitness studio, health club or other athletic facility seemingly on every city block, the concept of differentiation becomes a core element in a studio’s ability to attract and retain customers. Your brand promise is key and that promise is inescapably linked to your credibility on the street.  In other words, what do you stand for?

Boost Consumer Confidence with Your AFS Membership

In a recent AFS survey on consumer attitudes toward studios and their relationship with trade associations such as AFS.  Some of the key findings include - 92% of consumers would prefer to join a fitness studio that is a member of a professional trade association and abides by that association's code of conduct.

AFS Code of Conduct

Each AFS member must agree to operate their business according to the AFS Code of Conduct. These businesses are expected to abide by all laws, treat clients and staff with fairness and respect, and conduct their business up to industry standards. Talk up your AFS membership, so adherence to the AFS Code of Conduct becomes a common talking point in your sales, marketing, and training protocols.

Core Values

To ensure this statement is the driving force behind every decision made at AFS, we operate under an under an enduring set of 5 core values including: Integrity, Community, Commitment, Credibility and Empowerment.