AFS members are encouraged to display the AFS logos
on their website, marketing materials, and business cards!

In a recent AFS survey on consumer attitudes toward studios and their relationship with trade associations such as AFS.  Some of the key findings include -

91% of consumers would prefer to join a fitness studio that is a member of a professional trade association and abides by that association's code of conduct.

Nearly 90% of consumers if given the option of joining two similar studios - would prefer to join the studio that is a member of an association focused on their business!

84% of consumers felt that seeing the trade association’s decal in the studio’s window would have a positive influence on joining that studio!

How to differentiate yourself from the competition!

Build Trust With Consumers

Research from Carnegie Mellon University found that a trust logo or seal can help boost consumer confidence. The research also found that trust logos can help against setting steep discounts to compete with larger businesses.  

Visual Website Optimizer (a company that specializes in A/B testing websites) found that websites that communicate trust with a seal or badge earn much higher conversions than those that don’t! See more here and here. 

Embrace AFS' Code of Conduct

Each AFS member must agree to the AFS Code of Conduct. These fitness professionals and businesses are expected to abide by all laws, treat clients and staff with fairness and respect, and conduct their business up to industry standards. See the Code of Conduct. 

Further, AFS abides by the Core Values of Integrity, Community, Commitment, Credibility and Empowerment.

What Consumers Are Saying

"I would much prefer having an approved gym with good practices. There are so many problems with poor gym conduct. This would be a priority to me."

"I have used both, and I think that businesses that join trade organizations are more likely to share and engage in best practices."

"I like the small fitness place I go to and now I want to check if they're a part of a professional association."

Show Your Commitment

When you show consumers that you are a member of AFS, you're showing them that your fitness studio is:

  • Committed to the AFS code of conduct
  • Committed to adopting best practices
  • Committed to consumer protection & satisfaction
  • Serious about the long-term sustainability of your business