AFS Video Webcast Series  

The Value of Participation

  • Spread your message farther through the AFS Community 
  • Educate, share, and get the national exposure you deserve
  • Brand recognition through the leading trade association for aspiring and current studio/gym owners
  • Ability to raise your professional profile online
  • Opportunity to raise your company profile online
  • Permanent video online (via YouTube and the AFS website)
  • Link(s) back to your website (SEO)
  • Promotion of your services and business to AFS partner organizations
  • Free promotion from AFS via prominent placing on our website, eNewsletters, and social media

What to expect if you were selected 

  • An AFS representative will reach out to you with more specifics
  • Must have a webcam-enabled computer
  • Access to a high-speed internet connection
  • Quiet room with no distractions
  • Experience with video chat a plus


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What exactly is a Webcast?  
A: AFS Webcasts are online videos recorded via the AFS YouTube channel, drawing further eposure to you and your business - all while educating the AFS audience on your area of expertise.

Q: How are the videos handled?
A: The videos are done directly from the comfort of your own home or office.  Typically videos are no more than 30-minutes.  Our video communications manager will reach out with more specifics if you've applied or were selected on what to expect. 

Q: What questions will you ask me? 
A: Typically there will be a predetermined set of questions to get the conversation going based around your area of expertise.  However our video communications manager will moderate the Webcast so questions from the audience are expected and encouraged. 

Q: What type of recognition and promotion do Webcasts receive?
A: You and your business will gain national exposure by being promoted through various AFS channels including boosted social media posts, showcased listing in the AFS newsletters, home page listing on the AFS website, and further exposure by national fitness news outlets. We encourage all those selected to use this promotion on their own social media channels, website and more to showcase your spotlight to your members/clients!

Q: How do you decide who to spotlight?
A: We look for the best of the best.  Those studio/gym owners and influential people in the fitness industry who have made a difference.  This can be through various means, but if you've been contacted - you've been recognized by AFS as a leading voice in the industry.  

Q: Is there a fee to be part of a Webcast?
A: Absolutely not!  We will NEVER ask a you to pay for anything.

Q: I wasn't personally contacted by AFS - How do I get featured?
A: It’s easy. Simply apply today and fill out our online application.