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Social Media presents the opportunity to promote your brand in an affordable format with the potential to extend your reach far beyond traditional marketing practices.


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As a studio operator, learn how to make a direct link from posts, shares & likes to actual dollars.

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Doug discusses how to stand out as a personal trainer, offering value first and creating differentiation from other trainers.

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Mike Arce saw an opportunity in fitness by looking for a need, and then creating a service to fill it.

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Josh Leve of AFS shares his thoughts on optimizing your efforts and taking advantage of existing resources.

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Direct mail marketing is and has been one of the most effective lead generation tools for fitness clubs and studios for decades.


Capitalize on the unique energy January brings through creative programs that motivate your clients to give you the names and numbers of the people they care about.

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Jenna Zaffino discusses what she wants her brand to say about her.

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Rachel Cosgrove talks about how she honed her niche of being the best trainer for women and get into new opportunities.

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Jon Goodman describes some of the biggest reasons personal trainers struggle with making online training profitable.

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Join AFS and SportsArt as we dive into the questions around sustainability and how it pertains to the fitness industry, how you can go green, the financial incentives, and marketing opportunities.  With new fitness studios and gyms opening at a rapid pace, find out what's necessary to stay a step ahead and thrive in the future.

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Doug Holt discusses how to write the best success stories of your clients, as well as the importance of adding them to your website.  

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Kevin Steele at Club Industry 2016.

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Todd Bumgardner discusses how he created an online community with Strength Faction.

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Doug Holt discusses the best way to ask for testimonials from clients, including the right timeframe and asking when that client is at an emotional high.

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Josh Leve and Liz Callham of AFS discuss the best ways to showcase your clients' success on social media or your website. This includes learning which clients you can use for marketing by asking yourself what are your clients getting from you.

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Josh Leve of AFS shares his thoughts on why consumers are willing to pay more for studios and the personalized consumer experience.

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AFS and MATRIX are excited to have industry leader, AFS Advisory Council member and all around fitness expert Stephen Tharrett present his top 10 characteristics of the most successful fitness studio/gym operators in the country. 

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Debi Teeple, Owner/Coach from LivingFit Rx, shares additional information about how their studio has seen great retention rates thanks to Power Plate.

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One highly effective way to engage members of your studio or gym is to offer challenges. Ask any member with a mildly competitive side, and they’ll probably light up at the chance to participate.

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