By Josh Leve, AFS Founder & CEO

All hiring should be done carefully to make sure that the right candidates are selected and brought on board properly. A quality hire may become a long-term valuable asset to your business, while hiring the wrong person can cause stress on all involved, hurt your business and waste resources causing you to start again.

By all means, when approaching a hiring process, you should commit to follow a methodical approach including: consistent assessment methods, resume evaluation, application screening, and interviews in stages. And make sure to have a plan for your onboarding process once you choose the right candidate.

Rely on Your Team Members

On its business resources section, Precor suggests that having multiple people on your team during the interview process can make it a lot easier to perform an accurate assessment of your prospect hire, as well as add a wider perspective to the questions you ask.

You may make the final choice, but having additional participants involved during and throughout the process will help you be more thorough during your interview.  Additionally, when discussing the outcome it will allow you to connect your assessment of the interviewees with your instincts.

Trust Your Combined Instincts

As the MINDBODY Online recruitment team suggests, hiring the right candidates can sometimes rely on your gut feelings about that person. Because you'll be working together, it is important that you feel a good rapport with your candidates. Would you trust them with your business and clients? Discuss it with your hiring team to hear everyone's perspectives before you make a final decision.

Jim Gallagher (AFS Contributor) adds that peer interviews are also a great way to introduce new people to the existing team members. Not only will your team help you identify the best people, but afterward they'll take personal interest to help the new hires succeed.


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