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AFS Reopening Guidelines

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Keeping your clients safe is as important as welcoming them back to your facility.

Follow these guidelines to ready your facility and your clients for reopening and beyond.




Panel: Providing the Best Client Experience

Join our panel to discuss the ins and outs of taking your in-person skillset to the online world, to deliver memorable client experiences using virtual tools. Presented at SUCCEED! Online 2020


Taking Your Clients Online

Your clients need you now as much as ever. Make a plan and start delivering online training to your existing client base, now and for the foreseeable future.




Podcast Episode: BONUS COVID-19, Thomas Plummer

We’re in it, now what? What comes next, will my clients come back, what do I need to change about the way I deliver service, how has the market and my clients changed? So many questions.

Podcast Episode: Chris Warens

Are You Prepared to Reopen your Gym? Chris Warens shares his approach to leadership, team building and customer service to take care of his business and get it ready to grow when he reopens.


Podcast Episode: Sean Greeley

Stand Out Now. The fitness owners who are working hard right now to stand out will be the one’s coming out of this stronger. Sean Greeley shares a step by step plan on how to do just that with some good news and some cold water in the face.




Financing Options in Today’s Economy

With Paul Bosley. Learn where to access planning information, the various methods of financing, how to apply, and develop a long-term strategy. Presented at SUCCEED! Online 2020


Coronavirus COVID-19 Government Loan Options

Mike Jesowshek, of JETRO and Associates, walks us through the new COVID-19 government loan options available for businesses.

1) Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL)
2) Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)




To raise awareness and encourage safety best practices, AFS has created a printable poster you can use in your facility.

Download COVID-19 Poster


The US Chamber of Commerce provides a customizable poster. You can adjust the policies and information before printing.

COVID-19 Customizable Flyer




The SUCCEED! Online Event

30 Sessions. 2 Full Days of Education on COVID-19.

At the start of May, we hosted the largest online event focused exclusively on COVID-19 business education. All sessions are available to rewatch for a limited time with the VIP package.


About SUCCEED! Online 2020


AFS Member Resources


The AFS community knows things always turn out better when we work together. In this sense, a time of crisis is no different. We will solve all our challenges with hard work and the support of each other.

As always, you can trust that AFS will continue to bring you vetted, timely information from trusted sources. Check back often for more expert education, and chime in on community discussions so we can learn from each other.

Josh Leve, AFS Founder & CEO




Resources available through your AFS Membership



Panel: Taking Your Clients Online

The folks at Online Trainers Federation share their thoughts on how studios can diversify their income with online training, and how they can use online training to continue to work with their clients during the quarantine period.


How to Handle COVID-19 in Your Fitness Studio

15-min streamlined presentation that tackles all key business issues. Presented by Michael Romig, AFS Mentor and Community Leader.




Online Training and What it Means for You and the Digital Fitness Enthusiast

Today we have the technology available at our fingertips to open up more opportunities than ever before. In the world of fitness, that means service offerings that can be more flexible and affordable for clients and members, and online training is one of the major new movements making this possible. (Session presented at SUCCEED! 2019. 54mins)

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