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To ensure a variety of perspectives, AFS canvassed it’s Advisory Council, vendor partners, and leading studio operators on trends they see growing or continuing in 2018.  Their responses were compiled and are presented in a 3-page document.

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You got away with social media deals, giveaways online, and New Year’s resolutions to drive traffic into your fitness business this past month, but now, as you enter into February, March, and April - how do you keep your momentum moving forward in regards to driving traffic into your studio?

Below are a few ideas to make these months just as great as January.

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Join AFS and Escape Fitness on this very special webinar. 

Running a global fitness business Matthew has learned the importance of getting the most out of every minute, if your running your own business then you’ll understand that time equals money so we will pack in as much value into this short webinar providing you with key takeaways to help your business in the future.

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Of all the challenges that an entrepreneur faces in attempting to bring their dream to life, raising the capital necessary to make it happen can be the most daunting and frustrating.

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These “7 Secrets” are all sound business principles - that if mastered - will enable you to be as strong a business owner as you are a trainer.

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After diligently speaking to thousands of the most successful fitness professionals, studio and gym owners, AFS put together their top 7 secrets.

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Generating a recurring stream of revenue in excess of what it costs you to run the business, is the key to growth and profitability.

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The 220-minus-age equation regularly used to estimate an individual’s maximum heart rate (MHR) is invalid for this purpose.

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When it comes to forming a legal business entity there are several options to choose from, and in most cases seeking assistance with the decision is advised.

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There are the over 80 million adults age 55+ including seniors and the exploding group of leading-edge Baby Boomers – the largest age cohort in history.

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Your studio’s brand is its reputation; it’s the promise of value you offer and the immediate thought that a prospect, client and/or member has when your studio’s name is mentioned.

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Nothing can give operators greater heartache than determining the “right” price for their offering. It is no secret that how you price impacts your ability to generate new business.

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Wallet Hub compared the 100 biggest U.S. cities based on 34 key indicators of an active lifestyle.


This study, What Makes Boutiques Click?, elicited 496 respondents from 48 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and over a dozen foreign countries – an indication of the strong interest in the topic. 

The data contained within showcases a variety of reasons why fitness studios have emerged as the fastest-growing segment of the entire fitness industry. Respondents to the survey were split fairly closely between owners and non-owners of fitness studios/gyms.

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The theme of this report is Programming for Success as conveyed via survey to determine what programming strategies are being used by over 100 of today’s most successful studio operators.

The effort establishes baseline data on a variety of business components that are inherent to successfully owning and operating a studio/gym, regardless of discipline. Respondents to the survey were overwhelmingly owners of fitness studios/gyms as opposed to aspiring owners or other fitness professionals.

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In today’s competitive environment you MUST switch your mindset to that of your customer.

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In early 2017, AFS initiated a series of research studies related specifically to fitness studios and gyms.

The effort establishes baseline data on a variety of business components that are inherent to successfully owning and operating a studio/gym, regardless of discipline. This study, The Keys to Retention, elicited over 600 studio owner/operator respondents from all 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and several Caribbean countries. 

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Josh Leve, Founder of AFS shares his top tips for creating a successful newsletter.

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Pipes do burst!
Jennifer Urmston Lowe of Sports & Fitness Insurance talks about why it's critical to have the right insurance and be properly covered.  Fitness insurance

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Overview of various KPIs for your business.

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