Q: What Is AFS?

A: The Association of Fitness Studios (AFS) is the only trade association dedicated to providing the education, tools, and resources for fitness studios/gyms from 500-10,000 square feet.

Our mission is to enhance your profitability, while providing the platform for entrepreneurial fitness professionals to start their own businesses. Nowhere else can you find the benefits that AFS provides. 


Q: Who can Join AFS?

A: Anyone who wants to start or grow their fitness business. Vendors may contact us to learn more about partnering with AFS.

AFS Membership is broken down into 3 tiers: Community, Executive, and Platinum. Members showcase their AFS commitment to their community and the fitness industry while accessing the wide variety of benfits AFS has to offer. Members can be fitness studios, gyms, or fitness professionals and any discipline: personal training, Pilates, yoga, cycling, MMA etc. ranging in size from 500 to 10,000 square feet. 

Vendors are those providing products and services that serve the needs of studio owners.  By gathering the “leverage” of a national association AFS has been able to secure advantageous pricing and programs on behalf of our members.  Vendors may contact us to learn more about partnering with AFS. 


Q: Who’s supporting AFS?  

A: Our industry support comes from over 70 partnerships that share our mission and vision.  Included among them are every major certifying organization and the top brands in the entire fitness industry.  But our activities are not limited to these organizations and companies.  We work harmoniously with all.


Q: Why Is AFS Necessary?  

A: A healthier fitness studio/gym community means a healthier society – which is good for us all.  Our goal is to ensure fitness studios/gyms have a voice - with AFS we're stronger together. 


Q: Aren’t there already plenty of fitness associations?  

A: There are many organizations that provide instruction on how to be a better trainer or instructor.  We leave that to them.  Our focus is on protecting the interests of our members, increasing their credibility and professionalism with providing the platform to increase profitability.  Building on th passion they've already shown.  


Q: Can I join AFS if I’m already a member of another association?  

A: Yes, we welcome all.


Q: How do I access preferred pricing from AFS Vendors?  

A: The best way is to become a member!  Many of our special opportunities are constantly changing, some with time-related deadlines, so be sure to keep referring back to www.afsfitness.com 


Q: How can I learn about new AFS benefits?  

A: AFS is constantly researching, attending industry conferences and trade shows, and consulting with our advisory council.  As a result, we bring you the new stuff as quickly as we learn it.  We publish it on www.afsfitness.com, send it out in e-newsletters, examine it in webinars, and comment on it in blogs.   


Q: How can I reach an AFS representative?  

A: You may contact us or call 312-361-1144 and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.


Q: I'm a fitness consumer and need to file a complaint against an AFS member, what do I do?

A: All AFS members abide by a specific Code of Conduct. If you've witnessed any behavior that would warrant further action on the part of AFS, please let us know.