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Kyle Dobbs shares the importance of recovery and tips for pre and post workout. 

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Brent Gallagher stresses helping clients understand the importance of getting enough sleep to help them eat better, recover faster, lose weight and feel better.

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Capitalize on the unique energy January brings through creative programs that motivate your clients to give you the names and numbers of the people they care about.

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Mike Arce discusses how to create your own niche by specializing and becoming an expert with clients, as well as how he personally did it as a personal trainer.

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Brent Gallagher shares that you need to make the basics cool in order to keep clients motivated.

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Lauren Eirk discusses how she assesses clients by evaluating their range of motion and performing muscle testing to see if there's any muscle weakness.

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Josh Leve and Liz Callham of AFS discuss what to say and not to say to clients to keep your professionalism while supporting their health and fitness goals.

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Brent Gallagher shares how to track progress with clients, and how this is defined according to their goals.

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Josh Leve and Liz Callham of AFS discuss the best ways to showcase your clients' success on social media or your website. This includes learning which clients you can use for marketing by asking yourself what are your clients getting from you.

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As fitness professionals, we get plenty of questions about exercise intensity: What is the best intensity to burn fat?  What is the best intensity for recovery?

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Josh Leve and Liz Callham of AFS discuss how to handle your clients when you're having an off day.

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Lauren Eirk discusses how to keep clients motivated long-term, including having a plan for their workouts, giving the client variety and taking notes in sessions.

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Brent Gallagher shares the best way of really helping clients progress and stay accountable.

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In this webinar, TRX will show you how to leverage this shift in consumer/member fitness habits — using the latest technology — to create authentic connections and drive retention in your facility.

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Read about the pros and cons of performing fasted exercise, specifically, fasted cardio.  You can then advise your clients on what you think is best for them

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Today, we will cover one of the most well-known yet misunderstood forms of HIIT – Tabata.

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Business coaches are like personal trainers for your business.  They work with you to create a plan that helps you reach your goals faster and hold you accountable.

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For many studios, growth opportunities exist to offer workplace wellness in their surrounding community. 

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Ivo Grossi, discusses the company's environmentally-friendly ​mission and vision, ​and how current fitness business operators can leverage SportsArt's Eco-Power ​technology to create a major differentiating factor in their businesses. 

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What is this EPOC effect? Does it turn us into calorie-scorching machines? If so, how can we optimize our training to get the most benefit?

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