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Whether you are a startup or established business, this is one you will not want to miss.  Sales are not the only part of running a business, having a solid financial foundation and plan to minimize taxes is necessary and will only enhance your mission. You will walk out with tips that are guaranteed to save you money each and every year while protecting your business and helping you succeed!


The fitness industry is encountering an influx of clientele searching for a trustworthy solution to their weight loss goals. With obesity rates climbing all across America, and consumers losing faith in the diet industry, people are flocking to fitness centers in search of guidance and support. People aren't satisfied with a quick-fix or trending diet or just relying on a supplement line.

Operations & Programming

The key is to know your KPI’s! What are the key elements that you need to track that will determine the success of your studio fitness business? Start to think creatively and mix your Unique KPI’s with the industry standard KPI’s.

Case Studies, Operations & Programming

Hitting your profit goals is a full team effort, and people function best when they have a clear understanding of what they need to win. Learn to calculate class sizes to hit profit goals, the tools instructors need, and the best way to inspire and motivate them to do more while objectively evaluating their progress

Financial, Vendor Education

Join Robert Linkul as he shares his personal experience with physical limitations and not-so-great luck, learned greatly from them and opened his own studio specifically geared toward the demographic he now fits (50+).

Case Studies

Experience the world of Virtual Reality (VR), 360 video and Augmented Reality (AR). Learn about and explore, how this immersive technology may best fit into, and benefit your fitness business while taking a 360 video tour of Boutique Fitness Studios in Los Angeles.

Technology & Trends

Weak people get beat.  People with weak strategy, vision and systems die. Studio's often follow a me-too trend or chase what everyone else is doing. Chasing trends are chasing mediocrity.  Be disruptive. Stand for something.

Vendor Education

How to develop specialty programming for specific segments of a membership population that require unique parameters.  We will discuss design, strategy, marketing, and management of this program plus, examples of pricing models to generate additional ancillary revenue.

Operations & Programming

Being a great fitness manager or popular personal trainer doesn’t make studio ownership a guaranteed success. To make your studio thrive and be known in your community as “the gym" to join, you must plan for greatness and look well beyond everyday operations.

Marketing & Sales, Operations & Programming

Khaled will take you through his 5 piece pipeline from defining who your target market is all the way to making the sale. We will be discussing what the best piece of content to motivate people to click on your lead magnet to where you can find and get leads to grow your business.

Marketing & Sales

Most fitness studio owners are great practitioners attempting to become successful entrepreneurs. The learning curve for many is steep. Learn from a successful studio owner and fitness business coach. You are guaranteed to walk away with greater clarity, renewed focus, and a rejuvenated feeling towards your fitness business.

The results of the decisions you make in opening your follow-on studios/gyms will either be tragic or magic so be sure you are prepared with the right process and thinking.  Hear the real deal from a pioneering fitness entrepreneur on his roller coaster experience in expanding his fitness studio company.

Sales don't have to be sleazy or scary!  Learn how to build out a sales process that empowers you to grow your business and harnesses your strengths as a fitness professional without discounting or using gimmicky closing tactics.

Marketing & Sales

During this panel, several seven-figure fitness business owners share their secrets of the most widely talked about area of business - marketing and driving traffic.  Learn how to generate more leads, get more people through your door and most importantly - get them to convert!

Marketing & Sales

Discover how to maximize client retention using wearable fitness technology. As one of the top trends in the fitness industry, wearable tech is a must for fitness businesses looking to keep clients engaged and offer them meaningful, data-driven results.

Vendor Education, Retention

The best business owners know it costs a lot less to keep the members and clients you have than to acquire a new one. So what strategies are out there that keep people coming back? In this interactive session you'll learn the programs and ideas necessary to have that "ah ha" moment you can bring back to your business. 

Marketing & Sales

Find out what some of the most successful business operators are doing to drive more revenue from their members and clients. Access easy to implement ideas that will help grow your bottom line.


In this session, fitness studio marketing expert, Mike Arce, shares the future of marketing and advertising for fitness studios, and explains the absolute top 6 ways you can easily drive more traffic and paying members to your studio today!

Marketing & Sales

Today we have the technology available at our fingertips to open up more opportunities than ever before. In the world of fitness, that means service offerings that can be more flexible and affordable for clients and members, and online training is one of the major new movements making this possible.

Technology & Trends

Jose Avina took a green approach to his fitness studio dreams and has been attracting local, national, and international media attention ever since. By harnessing human energy and incorporating sustainable business practices into Sacramento Eco Fitness’s daily routines, they have created a brand that stands out in the crowded fitness market.

Marketing & Sales, Vendor Education, Case Studies