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Sales is not a dirty word. It's our own perception and skewed understanding that cause us to disconnect with others. In this session, Mike provides an overview of how to approach sales so you can convert more prospects into paying members. Instead of "selling", learn how to guide prospects towards making great choices.

SUCCEED! Online, Marketing, Sales & Retention

Stop chasing clients, and get them to come to you instead. In this session, Lisa explains a simple technique you can adopt immediately to position yourself as an expert and attract more clients

SUCCEED! Online, Marketing, Sales & Retention

As the CEO of AFS, Josh is in a unique position to observe and discuss trends with people all across the industry. In this session, Josh shares why the studio market has exploded and where it's going next.

SUCCEED! Online, Technology & Trends

Whether you are a startup or established business, this is one you will not want to miss.  Sales are not the only part of running a business, having a solid financial foundation and plan to minimize taxes is necessary and will only enhance your mission. You will walk out with tips that are guaranteed to save you money each and every year while protecting your business and helping you succeed!

Financial, Leadership & Operations, SUCCEED! Convention

The fitness industry is encountering an influx of clientele searching for a trustworthy solution to their weight loss goals. With obesity rates climbing all across America, and consumers losing faith in the diet industry, people are flocking to fitness centers in search of guidance and support. People aren't satisfied with a quick-fix or trending diet or just relying on a supplement line.

Leadership & Operations, Programming & Strategy, SUCCEED! Convention

The key is to know your KPI’s! What are the key elements that you need to track that will determine the success of your studio fitness business? Start to think creatively and mix your Unique KPI’s with the industry standard KPI’s.

Case Studies, Operations & Programming, Marketing, Sales & Retention, SUCCEED! Convention, Programming & Strategy

Hitting your profit goals is a full team effort, and people function best when they have a clear understanding of what they need to win. Learn to calculate class sizes to hit profit goals, the tools instructors need, and the best way to inspire and motivate them to do more while objectively evaluating their progress

Financial, Vendor Education, Leadership & Operations, SUCCEED! Convention

Join Robert Linkul as he shares his personal experience with physical limitations and not-so-great luck, learned greatly from them and opened his own studio specifically geared toward the demographic he now fits (50+).

Case Studies, SUCCEED! Convention, Leadership & Operations, Programming & Strategy

Experience the world of Virtual Reality (VR), 360 video and Augmented Reality (AR). Learn about and explore, how this immersive technology may best fit into, and benefit your fitness business while taking a 360 video tour of Boutique Fitness Studios in Los Angeles.

Technology & Trends, SUCCEED! Convention

Weak people get beat.  People with weak strategy, vision and systems die. Studio's often follow a me-too trend or chase what everyone else is doing. Chasing trends are chasing mediocrity.  Be disruptive. Stand for something.

Vendor Education, SUCCEED! Convention, Leadership & Operations