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In this session, fitness studio marketing expert, Mike Arce, shares the future of marketing and advertising for fitness studios, and explains the absolute top 6 ways you can easily drive more traffic and paying members to your studio today!

Marketing, Sales & Retention, SUCCEED! Convention

Today we have the technology available at our fingertips to open up more opportunities than ever before. In the world of fitness, that means service offerings that can be more flexible and affordable for clients and members, and online training is one of the major new movements making this possible. (Session presented at SUCCEED! 2019. 54mins)

Technology & Trends, Programming & Strategy, SUCCEED! Convention

Jose Avina took a green approach to his fitness studio dreams and has been attracting local, national, and international media attention ever since. By harnessing human energy and incorporating sustainable business practices into Sacramento Eco Fitness’s daily routines, they have created a brand that stands out in the crowded fitness market.

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