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Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Past Vendor Driven Webinars

Insurance Needs for Virtual Training

Jennifer Urmston Lowe
National Accounts Manager, Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation

Join SFIC as we discuss important Insurance considerations around virtual fitness training. View webinar.

How To Use Social Media to Drive Your Fitness Business

Victoria Lovering
Customer Success Specialist at Punchpass

AFS and Punchpass provide advice and tools on how to engage your community and keep your business thriving by maximizing your social media savvy. View webinar.

Payroll as a Platform for Strength and Agility

Drew Schildwachter
Partner & COO at ConnectPay

Choosing the right business partner is a lot like choosing the right fitness studio and program: you have to be matched on culture, commitment and objectives.  Consider this session your Intro Class into Payroll! View webinar.

The Virtual World is Your New Studio: Tips on How to Launch and Monetize a Virtual Studio Offering

Joey Stabile
Heart Zones Director of Club Education

AFS and Heart Zones discuss different remote/online fitness categories, equipment setups covering hobby presenters and professional studio installations along with potential liability considerations. View webinar.

The Future Fitness Landscape

Krista Popowych
Global Director of Group Education, Keiser

Join AFS and Keiser as we discuss best practices, tips, and lessons learned, along with the value of implementing an R-R-R action plan (responsive, rapid, re-imagined) for your studio. View webinar.

Recover From The Pandemic With Proper Messaging and Visuals
Ensure what you’re communicating is working for you not against you 

Britt Harris
North American Marketing Manager, SportsArt

Join AFS and SportsArt as we discuss effective communication strategies to help you recover from the pandemic and ensure your messaging is working for you not against you.  View webinar.

Equipment Care & Cleaning Tips to Protect Your Members Through the Current Pandemic 

Elisabeth Fouts
Education Coordinator, Power Systems

Join Power Systems to discuss the regular inspection, care, and cleaning procedures to extend the life cycle of your fitness equipment, and contribute to member experience, retention, and recruitment.  View webinar.

Growing Your Virtual Business: Tips & Tricks to Optimize Your New Revenue Stream 

Len Fridman
CEO and Co-Founder of WellnessLiving

Join AFS and CEO and Co-Founder of Wellness Living Len Fridman as we discuss tips for optimizing your virtual business and new revenue stream. View webinar.

How to Run a Successful Business at Home Using Zoom and The Bright Method

Nerissa Zhang
CEO & Co-Founder, The Bright App

Join AFS and The Bright Method as we unlock the proven method to organize, attract clients, and make more money online. View webinar.

3 Space Planning Strategies for a Grand Re-Opening

Elisabeth Fouts
Education Coordinator, Power Systems

Join AFS and Power Systems as we discuss best practices to solve the space equation in your studio to make the most of your available space for the return of your members. View webinar.

Take Your Business (and Yourself) on a Beach Vacation!

Suzelle Snowden & June Kahn
Fit Bodies, Inc.

Join AFS, Suzelle Snowden and June Kahn as they show you the top 4 reasons a teaching vacation could be just the thing you were looking for (and didn't know it). View webinar.

Client Retention: 3 Strategies to Earn Client Loyalty

Len Fridman
CEO & Co-Founder, WellnessLiving

Join AFS and WellnessLiving as we discuss essential strategies behind client retention with CEO and Co-Founder of WellnessLiving Len Fridman. View webinar.

A New Digital Management System to Elevate the Member Experience

Rob Lander
CEO, Fisikal

AFS and Fisikal discuss a digital business management solution designed to elevate the customer experience and improve operational visibility overnight. View webinar.

3 Secrets to Leveraging Your Website to Have the Best Year in Your Business's History!

Houston Goodwin

Join AFS and as we discuss 3 actionable items created to give you the ability to quickly learn and implement steps that can take your business to the next level in 2020. View webinar.

Fitness Truth: Turn Fitness Snackers Into Brand Loyalists

Doug Katona & Jackie Mendes
World Gym Athletics

Join AFS and World Gym International as we discuss their ongoing global mission to spread Fitness Truth – and how we can band together as an industry to redefine what it means to be fit. Learn how to increase brand loyalty, stand out in a competitive fitness market and the benefits of being part of a larger network of owners to reduce administrative burn-out so owners can stay focused on impacting more lives. View webinar.

Boutique Fitness Experience - The Next Evolution

Mary Miller
Director of Education & Training – North America, Technogym

Join AFS and Technogym as we discuss how to properly position your facility for the next fitness evolution in order to attract and retain a membership base that creates a dynamic and highly successful premium fitness studio experience.  View webinar.

How To Implement Kettlebells and Barbells into Your Studio

John Meeks
Precor Master Coach 

Join AFS and Precor for an interactive educational session as we discuss how to incorporate barbells and kettlebells into your members' training.  View webinar.

Strengthen Your Brand and Community with an ASF Payment Solutions Partnership

Jason Abucejo
VP of Business Development, ASF Payment Solutions 

Join AFS and ASF Payment Solutions to learn more ASF's CMS solutions for the fitness industry, which includes a complete suite of software applications.  View webinar.

Increase Your Revenue Per Square Foot with Smart Space Planning & Storage Solutions

Elisabeth Fouts
Education Coordinator, Power Systems 

Join AFS and Power Systems as we discuss how smart space planning & storage solutions can increase revenue and enhance your studio’s brand and customer experience.  View webinar.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value with Myzone

Ron Sobiek & Grace Kerr

Join AFS and Myzone as we offer a brief overview of wearables, the pros, and cons of using wearables along with 4 key takeaways for your business.  View webinar.

Generate Leads From Facebook Ads Like a Studio Marketing Pro

Josh Unfried
CEO, WindFarm Marketing & WindForce FIT

Join AFS and WindForce FIT as we provide an in-depth look at Facebook advertising and discuss how to create ads that perform for your studio!  View webinar.

The Sustainable 4 Step Strategy To Set Your Studio Up For Success in 2020

Adam Zellner
President, Greener By Design

Join AFS and SportsArt as we dive into your studio's energy use and discuss a step-by-step playbook to save money through implementing sustainable practices.  View webinar.

How To Drive Profits By Motivating Your Instructors

Nt Etuk
Founder & CEO, Fitgrid 

AFS and Fitgrid provide this informational webinar to discuss motivating your team in ways that lie directly back to your bottom line to effectively crush your goals!   View webinar.

Convert Prospects to Members Like a Boss: A Masterclass on Perfecting the New Client Experience

Trevor Wittwer
Co-Founder & CEO, Coach Catalyst 

AFS and the Coach Catalyst bring you this informational webinar to discuss the real-world process of converting prospects into members.  View webinar.

3 Lead Generating Website Hacks for the Busy Gym or Studio Owner

Timothy Sarazen
Director of Operations, 97 Display

AFS and 97 Display bring you this informational webinar to discuss internet marketing through websites, lead generation and 2019-20 trends for the modern fitness gym.  View webinar.

How to Turn a New Member into Your Biggest Fan Using Effort Tracking

Emily Sopo, M.S., NASM-CPT
Myzone Master Trainer & Senior Account Manager

AFS and Myzone are excited to provide additional education around one of the hottest trends in fitness - wearable technology. In this webinar, you will learn how to create a dynamic member experience with wearables as well as everything needed to integrate effort tracking into your studio.  View webinar.

Small Group, Big Return: Increase Revenue & Maximize Profits with Small Group Training

Rachel Southard
Director of Personal Training Operations, Anytime Fitness Franchise Global Headquarters

AFS and MATRIX are excited to provide additional education geared around one of the hottest on-going trends in the fitness industry - Small Group Training.  In this one of a kind webinar, you'll learn everything necessary to drive more revenue without taking up much space. View Webinar

7 Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Designing a Boutique Fitness Studio 

Matthew Januszek
Co-Founder, Escape Fitness

Join AFS and Escape Fitness on this very special webinar. Running a global fitness business Matthew has learned the importance of getting the most out of every minute, if your running your own business then you’ll understand that time equals money so we will pack in as much value into this short webinar providing you with key takeaways to help your business in the future. View Webinar.


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