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Join SFIC as we discuss important Insurance considerations around virtual fitness training.

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AFS and Punchpass provide advice and tools on how to engage your community and keep your business thriving by maximizing your social media savvy.

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Choosing the right business partner is a lot like choosing the right fitness studio and program: you have to be matched on culture, commitment and objectives.  Consider this session your Intro Class into Payroll!

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AFS and Heart Zones discuss different remote/online fitness categories, equipment setups covering hobby presenters and professional studio installations along with potential liability considerations.

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Join AFS and Keiser as we discuss best practices, tips, and lessons learned, along with the value of implementing an R-R-R action plan (responsive, rapid, re-imagined) for your studio.

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Join AFS and SportsArt as we discuss effective communication strategies to help you recover from the pandemic and ensure your messaging is working for you not against you.

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Join Power Systems to discuss the regular inspection, care, and cleaning procedures to extend the life cycle of your fitness equipment, and contribute to member experience, retention, and recruitment. 

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Join AFS and CEO and Co-Founder of WellnessLiving Len Fridman as we discuss tips for optimizing your virtual business and new revenue stream.

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Join AFS and Matrix as we discuss how to create a program design blueprint that delivers consistent, reliable results all while improving your client's life!

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Join AFS and The Bright Method as we unlock the proven method to organize, attract clients, and make more money online.

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The panelist discuss their thoughts on the future of studios with some continued online training, and what to expect when studios reopen their doors to clients.

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Join AFS and Power Systems as we discuss best practices to solve the space equation in your studio to make the most of your available space for the return of your members.

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Join AFS Founder & CEO, Josh Leve and a panel of studio owners as they discuss how to minimize the impact of coronavirus on your business. 

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Join AFS and Fit Bodies, Inc. as they show you the top 4 reasons a teaching vacation could be just the thing you were looking for (and didn't know it). 

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Join AFS and WellnessLiving as we discuss essential strategies behind client retention with CEO and Co-Founder of WellnessLiving Len Fridman.

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AFS and Fisikal discuss a digital business management solution designed to elevate the customer experience and improve operational visibility overnight. 

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Join AFS and Gymwebsites.com as we discuss 3 actionable items created to give you the ability to quickly learn and implement steps that can take your business to the next level in 2020.

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Join AFS and Matrix as we uncover strategies, plans, systems, and tools that will help YOU attract your ideal clients and stay ahead of the competition.

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Join AFS and Stephen Tharrett as we delve into the actions and framework studio owners/operators can take to set their business up for success in 2020.

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Join AFS and World Gym International as we discuss their ongoing global mission to spread Fitness Truth – and how to increase brand loyalty, stand out in a competitive fitness market and the benefits of being part of a larger network of owners to reduce administrative burn-out so owners can stay focused on impacting more lives.

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