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Of all the challenges that an entrepreneur faces in attempting to bring their dream to life, raising the capital necessary to make it happen can be the most daunting and frustrating.

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Generating a recurring stream of revenue in excess of what it costs you to run the business, is the key to growth and profitability.

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When it comes to forming a legal business entity there are several options to choose from, and in most cases seeking assistance with the decision is advised.

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Your studio’s brand is its reputation; it’s the promise of value you offer and the immediate thought that a prospect, client and/or member has when your studio’s name is mentioned.

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Nothing can give operators greater heartache than determining the “right” price for their offering. It is no secret that how you price impacts your ability to generate new business.

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Running a fitness studio isn’t easy. Programming and making sure your members are taken care of comes first, meaning your studio’s equipment isn’t something you want to be worrying about. 

AFS and Precor have created this comprehensive guide because we want you to succeed.

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Finding and hiring great talent takes focus. But providing them with a compelling reason to seek you out is an essential first step.

At the end of the day, your employees are your greatest asset and deliver your brand promise. To make sure you take the right steps and have the right talent in the right places follow this essential Guide to maximize your success.

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Are you insured? Or maybe you’re a little confused about how insurance affects you? 

This guide will walk you through the different coverages provided to you through AFS’ exclusive insurance partner, Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation.  

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As an entrepreneur, creating a business plan and documenting it provides clarity and direction to your vision.

By identifying your new studio’s objectives, then building a plan to achieve them, it provides added insurance that you know where you are going and how you are going to get there. 

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