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In this webinar, TRX will show you how to leverage this shift in consumer/member fitness habits — using the latest technology — to create authentic connections and drive retention in your facility.

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What if selling your training and getting new clients to become members of your studio wasn’t complicated and it didn’t require you to have sales “talent”?

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Moving the needle in your business with the tools of social media must be paved with more than good intentions! They must be vested in sound strategy and action plans to hold any real value.

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Business coaches are like personal trainers for your business.  They work with you to create a plan that helps you reach your goals faster and hold you accountable.

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The range of skills required to successfully open a fitness studio/gym include: business plan development, budgeting, raising capital, creating the right legal entity, design and construction, marketing and sales.

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How do you overcome the objections you hear all the time?  1) Time 2) Money 3) Convenience 4) Spouse confirmation, etc.  Here are 4 ways to get you started.

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The summer months can be tough on a fitness business.  Clients have extra commitments, and we do not see them in our classes as often as we - and they - would like.

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AFS and Matrix Fitness are thrilled to present this webinar built to provide you with proven methods of building a successful programming mix for your business without spreading yourself too thin. 

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For many studios, growth opportunities exist to offer workplace wellness in their surrounding community. 

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My Revolution Fitness owner Tracy Martins divulge's his strategies to keep his members coming back again and again through the best fitness programming in his community.  Interview by Josh Leve, AFS Founder & CEO.

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So, you got a website!  Great!  Now what? Your phone isn’t ringing, no one is filling out your contact form, your business isn’t growing. 

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Now in their 6th year of business, we interviewed Marydawn to learn how she keeps members coming back and her biggest lessons learned in the past 5 years as a boutique studio owner.

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If you’re feeling stuck or like your social media marketing efforts aren’t paying off, try these five tips to boost your productivity and bolster your presence online.

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Sacramento EcoFit owner Jose Avina reveals the keys to successfully developing the fitness studio of the future.  Interview by Josh Leve, AFS Founder & CEO.

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Learn what it takes to build a unique and differentiated value proposition, then market and sell it to the community.

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AFS and Nudge Coach bring you this very exciting webinar related to the fitness app and wearable market.  Learn all about adoption stats and what they mean, plus what fitness consumers believe about apps/wearables and why it matters to you.

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AFS and FAI bring you this very important webinar related to engaging with the older population demographic. Understand the key differentiating factors that will magnetically attract the ideal older client to your fitness business.

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My background in the martial arts and fitness is very deep and wide. I am of the full belief that there is an undeniable synergistic relationship between the martial arts and fitness. Ponder this thought, what is one without the other?

For example, if an individual is “buffed” and in great shape, but cannot execute a proper punch, how well will he or she be able to defend themselves or their family? Another example would be an overweight, unhealthy martial artist. What kind of example is this individual putting forth?

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I've been incredibly fortunate over the past several years to share my knowledge of the fitness space with thousands of fitness professionals.  From trainers/instructors, to those aspiring to open their own gym or studio to incredibly successful operators - every opportunity provides me the platform to support our market - something I never take lightly. 

No matter what stage you're in, AFS stands for raising business standards, helping you manage your clients better and become savvier performers in a business setting. 

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Whether or not a client decides to become or continue to be your client depends on a few things.

1. You. Your personality, teaching style, knowledge and passion will always be the most influential component as to whether or not a client will remain a client. You are your brand and your brand is a powerful sales influencer. It draws people to you, it keeps people with you.

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