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In this video Dan Duran from PTA Global goes into even more detail on his process by sharing their developed Questionnaire. 

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Dan Duran from PTA Global discusses being able to connect with your clients in a way that builds trust and safety are two main ingredients to a long-lasting and successful relationship.  

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Sacramento EcoFit owner Jose Avina reveals the keys to successfully developing the fitness studio of the future.  Interview by Josh Leve, AFS Founder & CEO.

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AFS and Nudge Coach bring you this very exciting webinar related to the fitness app and wearable market.  Learn all about adoption stats and what they mean, plus what fitness consumers believe about apps/wearables and why it matters to you.

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AFS and FAI bring you this very important webinar related to engaging with the older population demographic. Understand the key differentiating factors that will magnetically attract the ideal older client to your fitness business.

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I've been incredibly fortunate over the past several years to share my knowledge of the fitness space with thousands of fitness professionals.  From trainers/instructors, to those aspiring to open their own gym or studio to incredibly successful operators - every opportunity provides me the platform to support our market - something I never take lightly. 

No matter what stage you're in, AFS stands for raising business standards, helping you manage your clients better and become savvier performers in a business setting. 

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AFS and MATRIX bring you this very important webinar related to social media!  Don’t let social media manage you. Make it work for you day in and day out.

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AFS and Intelivideo bring you this very important webinar showing you how it has never been easier to create a paid subscription video channel. Your customers are on Youtube and Vimeo, and they're buying fitness DVDs everyday.

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Get expert advice on how the best fitness studio owners have not only become successful but maintained that success.

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AFS and MATRIX Fitness are excited to bring you this very important webinar focused on crafting a plan for maximizing revenue per square foot. Learn the key components to distinguishing your studio in a noisy fitness world. Walk away with several activities to further clarify your brand and boost your bottom line with minimal effort.

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From net client growth to class participation, tracking and analyzing you numbers is a critical piece to running a successful fitness studio.

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Calculating ROI can sometimes be difficult to quantify. In this Q&A clip, Ingrid Owen talks about how to ensure your programming is receiving a solid return on investment.

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There is a difference between being average and great.  In fact, fitness studios in the top quartile generate revenues and EBITDA per square foot more than double the industry average!

And studio owners and staff are reasonably compensated. Studio owners take home more on average than most small business owners and their staff are paid equally or better than those in the traditional industry.  Where do you fall? 

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What do you charge?  When compared to traditional fitness offerings studios command higher price points by driving greater value for the customer!

Plus, fitness studios are productive at generating revenues and earnings - which means productivity tends to be better in smaller studios despite larger studios having higher absolute numbers.

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Did you know? More and more studios are moving away from the pay as you go models to membership models. Learn the different types of access offerings sold, including percentage distribution by type of package offered.

Plus Stephen Tharrett talks about why studio business models are so diverse and unique!

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Are you set up for success?  Stephen Tharret showcases the latest research including how planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.

What is your studio’s greatest challenge for attracting new clients?  This industry-leading research will get you on track!

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Differentiation is real and can make or break you.  Stephen Tharrett talks about “True differentiation, sustainable differentiation, is rarely a function of well-roundedness; it is typically a function of lopsidedness.”  

And how it’s about providing specialized, high touch, personalized, intuitive, fun experiences led by passionate professionals who are able to foster the creation of self-supporting tribes.

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Insight into consumer attitudes and behaviors can help shape your brand’s value proposition and positioning. Plus insight into industry trends from finance to marketing to operations can help frame your journey.

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Finding people that fit the culture you've worked so hard to achieve can be a challenge for many studio owners.   

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AFS and Rick Mayo from ALLOY Personal Training Solutions are excited to bring you this very important webinar focused on how to build training options that work for your market, your physical space and your skillset. 

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