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Available Courses

NEW! The Essentials of Sales, Marketing & Branding

This learning path (comprised of 4 courses) will teach you everything necessary of what it takes to build a unique and differentiated value proposition, then market and sell it to your community. 

Includes the following 4 courses:

  • Creating a Differentiated Brand Promise and Brand Positioning to Thrive in a Competitive Marketplace
  • Marketing – What It Is, How to Use It, and Strategies that Work
  • Digital Marketing Savvy – Using Technology to Grow your Business
  • Sales, Sales Management and the Role of Relationship Selling

CEC/CEUs- ACE: 0.4, NASM: 0.4, AFAA: 4, NSCA: 0.5, ACSM: 4

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Delivering the Client Experience

This learning path (comprised of 3 courses) provides aspiring and current studio/gym owners with a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to create, develop and deliver enriching and memorable experiences for your clients and guests. 

Includes the following 3 courses:

  • The Importance of the Client Experience and Building Customer Loyalty
  • Understanding Consumer Expectations and the Fitness Studio Value Proposition
  • Creating a Brand Promise and Delivering Memorable Client Experiences

CEC/CEUs- ACE: 0.3, NASM: 0.3, AFAA: 3, NSCA: 0.4, ACSM: 3

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Fostering a Safe and Ethical Business Environment

This learning path (comprised of 2 courses) showcases the necessary components to foster a safe and ethical business environment.

Includes the following 2 courses:

  • The Policies and Practices You Need to Know
  • Consumer Safety and Business Ethics 

CEC/CEUs- ACE: 0.2, NASM: 0.2, AFAA: 2, NSCA: 0.3, ACSM: 2

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Coming Soon - 

What it takes to Launch a Successful Studio Business

  • Creating a Strategic Business Plan and Long-Term Financial Pro Forma
  • Legal business Structures and Raising Start-up Capital
  • Studio Development – Site Location, Design and Construction
  • Equipping Your Studio - Selection, Acquisition and Leasing

Business Planning, Finance and Accounting

  • Finance and Accounting for Fitness Professionals
  • The Essential Elements of the Business Planning Process
  • How to Leverage Internal and External Research
  • Budgeting and Forecasting for Fitness Professionals
  • Understanding Key Performance Indicators - How to Measure and Act on Them

Organizational Culture, Leadership and Teamwork

  • How to Build and Sustain a Powerful Organizational Culture
  • The Attributes and Skills of Great Leaders
  • The Fundamentals of Building an Employee Team - Recruiting, Hiring and Empowering the Right People

Operational Management

  • Building Systems into your Business for Scalable and Sustainable Success
  • Best Practices in Studio Operations from Successful Studio Operators

"Based on the current rise of studio-type fitness environments, I believe the AFS products, services, and benefits can make a substantial, positive difference to the bottom line of almost any studio. We are supporting it."

Scott Goudeseune
President & CEO
American Council on Exercise