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Marketing and Lead Generation Tools 

Driving traffic is no accident. Access the full library of marketing knowledge from external, internal, digital, and more - everything necessary to increase your business' client base.

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The "Google for Fitness Businesses" - AFS Learning Center 

Designed to be quick, efficient, and incredibly useful. Everything conveniently categorized and searchable to allow you to find great answers and ideas within seconds.

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Business Health Assessment and Report 

The only self-guided business performance report in the fitness industry. Plug in your numbers, compare against industry average KPIs, and get actionable recommendations in minutes each month.

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In-depth Action Plans - Coming Soon!

Utilizing the expertise of Stephen Tharret, AFS Advisory Council member, never before will you have an EXACT plan in place that guarantees new and exciting ways to take your business to the next level. 

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Business Templates and Forms

Whether it’s a business plan to get you started, budgets to help you stay on track, marketing worksheets to gain exposure, or HR documentation to protect yourself – we’ve got the templates critical to your business.

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Critical Exposure Opportunities

Your Directory Profile

Showcase your business like never before!  Access to exclusive traffic generating programs and find qualified fitness professionals to work for you! Fitness professionals, find job opportunities through the AFS network of fitness businesses.

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Exposure to Over 4 Million Consumers 

Drive traffic to your business by providing employees from major consumer brands such as Nike, Lowes, MasterCard, Microsoft, Cardinal Health, and many more the ability to search, locate, and visit your studio or gym!

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Ongoing Education

Masters in Fitness Business Podcast - Brought to you by the Association of Fitness Studios

AFS education on the go! Listen to the most influencers and world-renowned experts anytime, anywhere.

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AFS Webinar Series

Better understand the critical components of business success via online AFS webinars. Learn directly from the experts as they share their knowledge with you. 

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AFS Webcast Series

Join us as we interview a new fitness industry expert about the topics of vital interest to you! Improve your business by learning from the most influential minds in the fitness industry. 

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Online Courses

The most comprehensive coursework for starting, improving and operating a thriving fitness studio or gym - only available through AFS’ Online Education platform! Never get bored with different types of educational learning. 

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Webcast Series: Interviews and Industry Insights

Everything you need to know to grow your business, from the most influential minds in the fitness industry.

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Advanced Knowledge

Market Research Reports 

Do you know how many clients your business can handle? What revenue should you be generating based on your size, discipline, and location?  Leverage our industry-leading research to uncover the best practices used by the most successful studios and gyms.

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How-to Guides

Whether it’s a business plan to get you started, choosing the right revenue model or marketing to the older adult population, we’ve got the step-by-step Guides critical to your business. Find everything you need to stay organized and on track.

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