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Years of research and experience have shown that displaying your affiliation with our association makes consumers trust you more, convert more, and be more receptive to your sales message.

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AFS members get listed on IFCN, a directory of health facilities where over 4 million employees from national corporations such as Nike, MasterCard, and Microsoft, go to find studios and gyms.

Entire Suite of the Best Marketing Secrets

AFS members gain instant access to straightforward, easy to implement marketing ideas - presented by the most respected and successful studio and gym owners in the country.  

Get More Clients by Getting More Organized

You can make it in a crowded field if you properly define your "only."  You are the only studio or gym that does...what?  A competitor data collection plan and marketing calendar will help answer that question and ensure you're set up for success.

The CEC/CEU Course AFS Members Rank as a Must-Have

The Essentials of Sales, Marketing and Branding course puts you front and center with the most relevant marketing insight from the best educators. (BONUS! Your AFS membership includes your choice of up to 2 free online courses.)

Take advantage of our reputation! By joining AFS you're part of an organization that stands for higher standards, and consumers take notice! Showcase your AFS membership to your clients and prospects for a credibility boost.



Essential Action Plan:
Proven Marketing Strategies to Drive the Most Traffic to Your Fitness Business

Marketing is a process, not an event. It begins with the intent to understand the needs, interests and desires of the consumer then progresses through a series of initiatives and actions intended to capture the consumers’ attention, and later in the process, drive purchase intent.

What should you expect of your marketing efforts, or possibly, the question should be, what are the objectives you should establish for your marketing efforts?  Read on to find out!

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Video Library: Marketing Advice from Industry Leaders

We've interviewed the best of the best and share their knowledge with you. When you know what they've done to grow their business, you can implement the same ideas for your business.

Marketing Insight from Your Peers in Small Group Strategy Calls

Share stories and hear it directly from your peers who've seen success!   AFS provides the forum to learn from other members. Find out what they've done to drive traffic to their businesses.

Bounce Ideas Off Your AFS Mentor

You’re going to have questions. Get connected, overcome your challenges, and get advice from someone who's been there before.

Online Community Meet-ups

Login and hop on a video conference with other AFS members to share your insight, ask questions and stay engaged. From social media marketing to referral programs, and much much more!

Marketing Assistance You Receive as an AFS Member

  • Everything listed on this page! Plus...
  • Faster results from ideas that work
  • Connections to an engaged community
  • Proven success stories
  • More traffic and more money
  • Ideas validated by industry research
  • A team of support whenever you need it


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Complimentary 60-Minute Business Growth Coaching

Already an AFS member and want even more dialed in advice?  Connect today with Fitness Revolution who helps fitness pros, just like you, create more revenue, maximize your profits, help more clients and free up your valuable time. 

Free $200 Facebook Advertising Credit

AFS members can connect with 97 Display and instantly get their credit.  97 Display provides websites, digital advertisements, and SEO for fitness businesses. Hundreds of fitness businesses worldwide trust 97 Display with their internet marketing needs.

Free Market Research Report & $100 off your First Direct Mail or Digital Campaign

AFS members get your business all the marketing reach it deserves.  AFS partner Members Today offers a full array of digital and print marketing to drive new leads and new memberships.

Leverage the power of an Association!  Save the entire cost of your AFS membership simply by doing what you do every year! Over 70 of the most respected and cutting-edge companies all on board to ensure your business success. 



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Make better decisions, gain clarity, reduce your risk and get to success faster.

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Digging deeper into emerging trends to provide you the formulas for greater success.

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Trends, Research and Strategy

Imagine asking thousands of studios/gyms what's working for them – we've done just that!

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Everything you need to know to grow your business, from the most influential minds in the fitness industry.

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