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AFS, NSCA Sign Expanded Collaboration Agreement

(OAKLAND, CA, COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, May 12, 2017)  – The Association of Fitness Studios (AFS) and the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) announced today that they have reached a collaboration agreement to exchange education and information, and provide unique opportunities to each other’s constituencies. 

NSCA is the world-leading membership organization for thousands of elite strength coaches, personal trainers, dedicated researchers, and educators, providing publications, education, certification, events, and awards among its many benefits of membership.

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L.I.F.T. Wins SportsArt ‘Buying Habits’ Research Prize

(OAKLAND, CA, May 10, 2017) – The Association of Fitness Studios (AFS) happily announced today that Schliebe’s L.I.F.T. (Legendary Indoor Fitness Training) of Bend, OR is the winner of SportsArt G510 indoor cycle, awarded to one of the participating studios in AFS’ Buying Habits of Fitness Studios research project. 

That first-of-its kind research delivered concrete and specific data exploring the how, why, and when fitness studios make purchases of all types of products and services.

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MYZONE Announces Partnership with The Fitness Business Podcast

CHICAGO – April 27, 2017 – MYZONE; a wearable training partner that rewards effort, announced today a new partnership with The Fitness Business Podcast, a channel created with fitness business owners and managers in mind. The partnership allows MYZONE to provide listeners with additional insight and strategies for achieving continued growth within the fitness industry. 

“MYZONE was developed by experts within the fitness industry who understand both the gym consumers and gym operators,” explains Emmett Williams, MYZONE President. “We’re excited to share our wealth of knowledge with The Fitness Business and its listeners.”

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RealRyder International Joins AFS Take The Training Wheels Off!

(OAKLAND, CA, SANTA MONICA, CA, April 6, 2017) – The Association of Fitness Studios (AFS) today proudly announced and welcomed the addition of RealRyder® International LLC, makers of the RealRyder ABF8 Indoor Cycle, to its membership and sponsorship ranks. 

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AFS Launches Studio Management Online Education; CECs/CEUs Included 

(OAKLAND, CA, April 4, 2017)  – The Association of Fitness Studios (AFS) today announced the launch of its online business curriculum to provide ongoing education for fitness studio owners and developers. The course work is appropriate for all fitness professionals and current studio/gym owners. 

The first two learning paths, of what will be an eventual seven with over 20 total courses, have received appropriate CECs and CEUs from the American Council on Exercise (ACE), National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and the Aerobics & Fitness Association of America AFAA), with more soon to follow.

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Sports Club Advisors Joins AFS, Answers “What’s My Business Worth?”

(OAKLAND, CA, CHICAGO, IL, March 21, 2017) – The Association of Fitness Studios (AFS) today proudly announced and welcomed the addition of Sports Club Advisors (SCA) to its membership ranks.

Sports Club Advisors is a boutique Merger & Acquisition advisory and business brokerage firm focused on the fitness, sports and leisure industry, specializing in helping clients buy and sell fitness studios, clubs or sports businesses.  

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Fitness Industry Celebrates Record-Breaking Fundraising Year During IHRSA’S 12th Annual Bash for Augie's Quest to Cure ALS

Los Angeles, March 14, 2017 – Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a neurodegenerative disease affecting far too many people and families. It steals people’s muscles, and robs them of every benefit exercise provides.

That’s why for more than a decade, the fitness industry has refused to accept that fate, rallying hundreds of companies, countless professionals, staff, studio and club members and local communities to take on this disease and unifying cause. 

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2019 Fitness Studio Operating & Financial Benchmarking Report 

The 2019 report is our most ambitious yet, including a financial breakdown of studios by region, studio type, and size to get the most accurate data possible.

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2019 Fitness Studio Trend Report  

To ensure a variety of feedback, AFS canvassed its Advisory Council, vendor partners, and leading studio and gym operators to reveal their top trends for 2019!

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2018 Fitness Studio Operating & Financial Benchmarking Report 

From coast to coast, the 2018 report canvassed the US to get the most accurate data possible. The 2018 report shows the studio market continues to thrive and become increasingly revenue efficient.

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2018 Fitness Studio Trend Report 

To ensure a variety of perspectives AFS canvassed it’s Advisory Council, Vendor Partners, and leading studio operators on trends they see growing or continuing in 2018. 

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2017 Fitness Studio Operating & Financial Benchmarking Report 

The 2017 Report has expanded the reach of respondents to mirror the expansion of AFS and the studio business. A full 30% of respondents to this year’s survey are from non-U.S. locations.

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Marketing Best Practices Research Report 

We surveyed hundreds of studio owners across the country, identified the successful strategies, and provide them to you in this first-ever research report! 

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