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Nothing is more powerful than the authenticity of a recommendation from a trusted friend or associate.

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The value to your business starts with understanding how to incorporate Internet marketing as part of a larger, multi-layered marketing strategy.

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Social Media presents the opportunity to promote your brand in an affordable format with the potential to extend your reach far beyond traditional marketing practices.


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As a studio operator, learn how to make a direct link from posts, shares & likes to actual dollars.

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Adding mind-body programming to an existing studio is an inexpensive way to increase revenue, strengthen member retention, and attract new clients.

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Jennifer Urmston Lowe of Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation answers typical questions regarding worker's compensation for fitness studios.

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Doug discusses how to stand out as a personal trainer, offering value first and creating differentiation from other trainers.

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Jenna Zaffino discusses how using the right equipment, Arcus - a Pilates machine, gave her the options to solve a lot of problems for her clients.

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Lauren Eirk shares how to personalize the training session, make your clients feel important by giving them undivided attention, and never making them feel rushed.

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Kyle Dobbs shares the importance of recovery and tips for pre and post workout. 

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PJ Stahl gives two big recommendations when writing a business plan.

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Jon Goodman discusses why he created an online personal training program and how it differentiates from working in a gym or studio.

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Mike Arce saw an opportunity in fitness by looking for a need, and then creating a service to fill it.

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Josh Leve of AFS shares his thoughts on optimizing your efforts and taking advantage of existing resources.

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Brent Gallagher stresses helping clients understand the importance of getting enough sleep to help them eat better, recover faster, lose weight and feel better.

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Todd Bumgardner discusses his business values in order to create a balance between his online and studio businesses.

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Erik Marthaler discusses the timeline of what happened from creating the idea of Lateral Fitness actually opening the doors. 

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Direct mail marketing is and has been one of the most effective lead generation tools for fitness clubs and studios for decades.


Capitalize on the unique energy January brings through creative programs that motivate your clients to give you the names and numbers of the people they care about.

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With over 130 seminars, 250+ exhibitors, and nearly 3000 attendees, I was again honored to present on the fitness studio space.