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Wallet Hub compared the 100 biggest U.S. cities based on 34 key indicators of an active lifestyle.


In today’s competitive environment you MUST switch your mindset to that of your customer.

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Josh Leve, Founder of AFS shares his top tips for creating a successful newsletter.

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Pipes do burst!
Jennifer Urmston Lowe of Sports & Fitness Insurance talks about why it's critical to have the right insurance and be properly covered.  Fitness insurance

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Overview of various KPIs for your business.

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Join AFS and JETRO & Associates to see how your studio or gym can take advantage of your bookkeeping to ensure the best return possible during tax season.

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One occurrence where you and/or your business isn’t covered, could put you out of business for good.

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Join AFS and MYZONE as we discuss why this trend continues to be among the top every year and what you can do to drive more revenue and increase retention. 

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The latest change in the Illinois law reducing physical education requirements for kids in our schools does not make sense.


Josh Leve and Liz Callham of AFS discuss the best ways to find the right trainers for your studio.

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Rachel Cosgrove discusses steps to take before moving forward in your career.

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Jon Goodman shares with his his thoughts on the most current biggest fitness trends.

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Brent Gallagher discusses how to set goals with clients by having them figure out why they want to accomplish what they are doing.

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Todd Bumgardner talks about the growth of Strength Faction and how they had to adapt their business model.

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Doug Holt discusses the question of, "Are you charging enough?" Jjustify what your branding and specialties cost, as well as consider how unique you are in the market.

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Anthony Trucks discusses the difference and importance between marketing and advertising your business.

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Brent Gallagher, AFS Community Expert and owner of Avenu Fitness & Lifestyle, talks about how the success of fitness studios comes from getting the basics right.

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Josh Leve of AFS discusses how you can decide on your value, understand the going rate in your area, offer the best service possible and avoid the trap of price competing.

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Kyle Dobbs talks about what types of supplements he prescribes, such as protein, creatine and omegas. 

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This coursework covers a host of different systems related to the efficient and productive execution of specific practices, including areas of operations from the development of operating standards to the process of programming.

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