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Jon Goodman discusses advice he gives to personal trainers for further career growth.

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Brent Gallagher shares how to follow up with clients on habit improvements they set out to do by holding them accountable.

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The better organized you are and the more you understand the needs of your business and what drives in leads, the more productive your efforts will be.

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Lauren Eirk discusses what not to say to a client, including keeping personal opinions to yourself.

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Kyle Dobbs discusses what trainers should be educated about in regards to weight management and nutrition.  Build a network outside of nutrition such as having a dietitian. 

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Mike Arce talks about why a lot of fitness companies struggle with marketing strategies and how to overcome that.

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Join Josh Leve as he presents this one of a kind webinar on all the insight he’s learned from speaking and listening to AFS members, presenting across the country and keeping his ear to the ground to find out what you can do to ensure this is your best year yet!

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Gamification is defined as “the process of adding games or gamelike elements to something (such as a task) so as to encourage participation.” 

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Scott Sorkin, Owner of Tone Zone, a 3-location, multi-modality studio in the Philadelphia area explains his recipe for success and how technology and the right equipment can make all the difference in helping your clients see results.

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Lauren Eirk discusses what forms and questions she uses with new and potential clients.

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As the end of the year comes to a close there are still some tax saving strategies you can consider. 

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Rachel Cosgrove discusses how she manages the company's sites on social media.

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At some point in every business’ lifecycle comes a time when they have to decide whether to become a member of an industry association.


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Kyle Dobbs talks about how to educate clients on nutrition through law of thermodynamics and what macronutrients are.

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Doug Holt discusses how to use social media effectively as a personal trainer.  Your Facebook Business page and Private Group page should have separate messages.

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Jennifer Urmston Lowe of Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation explains about insurance limits regarding general liability, and answers the question: are my limits high enough?

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Doug discusses how to brand yourself as a professional, by being true to your personality, and identifying how your personal traits are your strengths.

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Jenna Zaffino discusses what goes into opening a studio, as well as additional revenue streams she pursued.

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Anthony Trucks discusses corporate wellness, and how to do fitness consulting beyond just offering memberships.

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Josh Leve of AFS shares his thoughts on getting feedback from fitness studio members, and when to adapt to the requests of members.

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