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Erik Marthaler talks about how Lateral Fitness was able to expand with strict finances, lease negotiations and a good team in place to support the expansion.

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Doug Holt talks about the best way to get client referrals, including when and how to ask, as well as giving incentives.

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Kyle Dobbs shares tips on how to create a great first session with clients. Training should fit into their lifestyle.

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Josh Leve and Liz Callham of AFS discuss certification by figuring out what your needs, and what resonates with you and the clients that you attract.

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You have just hired a new employee for your fitness studio. Now what?

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The degree to which a studio can attract and retain great employees is, in large part, dependent upon the compensation and benefits it provides.

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Before doing anything it is important to understand the expenses of designing and building a studio as well as what it will cost to operate your new facility.

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Ask yourself: Throughout the course of your busy day how much time do you spend planning to enhance your business’ success?

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The goal is simple, create the right type of emotion and more people will want to train at your facility – and if that emotion is maintained, people will stay a client.

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Running a fitness business can sometimes be a grind. There are plenty of outside and inside factors that can have a negative impact on you and your business.  

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Here are some of the factors a studio owner needs to know about leasing before they sign on the dotted line.

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Take the time to answer the following six questions early on in the process to help you begin forming a clear and solid foundation on which to build out a comprehensive business plan.

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What must you consider when arriving at a pricing model that supports your brand’s value proposition as well as the overall revenue model you have selected?

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Nothing is more powerful than the authenticity of a recommendation from a trusted friend or associate.

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The value to your business starts with understanding how to incorporate Internet marketing as part of a larger, multi-layered marketing strategy.

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Social Media presents the opportunity to promote your brand in an affordable format with the potential to extend your reach far beyond traditional marketing practices.


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As a studio operator, learn how to make a direct link from posts, shares & likes to actual dollars.

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Adding mind-body programming to an existing studio is an inexpensive way to increase revenue, strengthen member retention, and attract new clients.

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Jennifer Urmston Lowe of Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation answers typical questions regarding worker's compensation for fitness studios.

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Doug discusses how to stand out as a personal trainer, offering value first and creating differentiation from other trainers.

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