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Erik Marthaler is the Co-Founder of Lateral Fitness a full amenity, walk-up, boutique studio located in Chicago, IL. The first of its kind, Lateral is a full service studio that has all the offerings of a big box gym but in a private environment for clients to work with some of the best fitness experts in the city.


Pat Rigsby has built over 30 different businesses in the fitness industry ranging from individual facilities to award winning franchise organizations. The focus of today is on coaching fitness entrepreneurs to build a business that provides them the impact, income and lifestyle that they deserve.


Rachel Cosgrove is the owner of Results Fitness, was the 2012 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year is a columnist for Women's Health Magazine as well as Huffington Post and a seasoned author.


Jon Goodman is the author and founder of the first ever certification program for online training, including a first-of-its-kind textbook, workbook, online. He also created PTDC, the world's largest independent community of personal trainers.


Let’s talk TEAM.  It’s actually one of the most overused buzzwords in business.  Everyone talks team dynamics, team engagement, team building, the secrets of building a great team…etc.  Now, please don’t get me wrong; I’m a huge fan of the concept! 

I have been blessed to say I’ve been part of some incredibly dynamic and successful teams throughout my career.  I simply love being part of the team. 

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Where should you begin? There are a number of aspects to consider when opening your own studio starting with a great business and marketing plan. There are several key elements to focus on that will contribute to your studio’s success.

What types of clients are you trying to attract, where will you be located, what types of programs will you offer, and how will the design support this vision?

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I am a BIG fan of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). I’ve trained at their gyms. I’ve watched nearly every main event either on Pay Per View or live at the various fight cards. I’ve purchased UFC merchandise and even hired fighters for promotional events for my company.

Over the last 15 years I’d say I have easily paid 10’s of thousands of dollars for UFC events, merchandise and personnel. Needless to say I am a good customer of that company!

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Thank you to Khristie Gass, Owner of Physiques Elite and Physiques Women's Fitness Center in Lafayette, LA for taking the time to answer some questions from AFS.

In this article Khristie shares additional information about how their studio has grown significantly thanks to the MX4 Training System.

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AFS brings you this very exciting webinar as John Heringer, the Chief Motivator at Method3 Fitness, shows you the step by step process of how to have your first $100K month, make some serious cash and crush the fear of summer.

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A lot of people out there are constantly asking me how I successfully left my studio to focus on the next stage of my career, without the studio falling apart. Well, I know you'll be shocked to hear this, but it wasn't a complete success.

The transition didn't happen overnight, it took over a year.

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Our industry is constantly changing with new trends, equipment, and fads. As current and aspiring business owners it's critical to stay on top of these trends in order to stay relevant and ahead of the curve in a crowded and competitive market.

But sometimes the best way to stay relevant is looking inward.

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Believe it or not people still fall off moving treadmills!  It happens all the time.  Make sure you're protected from claims and lawsuits and a great liability waiver. Jennifer Urmston Lowe of Sports & Fitness Insurance talks about why its so important to have a good liability waiver.

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When you own a fitness studio, you have so much extra time on your hands that you’d welcome the opportunity to spend hours upon hours dealing with an IRS audit, right?

Yeah, not exactly. Outlined here are some things you should or should not do to help keep the IRS off your back and avoid that dreaded IRS audit. 

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Business is war and the competition is the enemy--right? Wrong. Though competition is a fundamental aspect of being in business, savvy entrepreneurs know that viewing competitors exclusively as adversaries is shortsighted and potentially damaging.

Every February in Chicago there’s a week properly titled, Restaurant Week. The program was designed to promote the restaurant industry and drive traffic to participating establishments during a typically slow time of year. For fourteen days, diners can enjoy value pricing for lunch and/or dinner throughout the city and surrounding suburbs.

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One of the most impactful ways to drive business to your fitness studio or gym is to get outside of your business. When it comes to running your own business, the goal of many entrepreneurs should be simple - become the fitness expert in your community no matter what.

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AFS and SportsArt bring you this educational webinar packed with insightful information on how your fitness business can leverage the #1 marketing strategy being used today - word of mouth marketing!

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Using discounts to sell the services you offer in your fitness studio is an antiquated technique to get more clients. Discounting puts you on the path to becoming a commodity. This technique is often used as an incentive to get a potential prospect to buy or to reward someone that refers.

Discounting occurs when you don’t have the sales skills to get a prospect to pay what you are worth and possess a negative mindset around money.

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The annual Convention & Trade Show of the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) was held March 21-24 in San Diego.  

From the AFS corporate perspective, over 30 meetings were held with a wide variety of fitness industry leaders including major equipment suppliers, new-wave technology firms, certifying organizations, influential trainers, and leading studio operators.


As any fitness facility owner knows, staff are crucial to success. They are on the front lines, working with clients, ensuring the day-to-day runs smoothly, and are important advertisements for your business.

Finding the right people to work for you is essential, but once you’ve hired your dream team, the next challenge is to keep them happy, engaged and growing with your business.

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“No excuses,” you tell yourself. “Today’s the day, I am going to do a better job at marketing my business on Instagram.” No more random posts when you have time… you’re going to really see this thing through. You pull up your account or register a new one (no time like today to try something new!), and create what you think just might be the next viral post on Instagram.

Your heart is racing as you click post.

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