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JUST RELEASED! AFS 2016 Marketing Best Practices Report

After several months of planning, prepping, designing, and analyzing the data, I'm proud to announce that the AFS 2016 Fitness Studio Marketing Best Practices Research Report is here!  

We surveyed hundreds of studio owners across the country - identified the successful strategies - and provide them to you, in this report. The first-ever market research of its kind for the fitness studio community! (Can you tell I'm excited?) 

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AFS, Nor-Cal Fitness Summit Announce Education Collaboration Agreement

(OAKLAND, CA, June 15, 2016) – The Association of Fitness Studios (AFS) announced today that it has reached an education collaboration agreement with the Northern California (Nor-Cal) Fitness Summit to promote best practices into the studio segment of the fitness market.

The collaboration between Nor-Cal Fitness Summit and AFS will develop ongoing, relevant educational content for studio owners on a variety of different topics highlighting operational expertise for dissemination through AFS communication vehicles. 

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P.E. – America's Inactivity 'Killer" - Is Getting Cheated Again

SILVER SPRING, MD – June 13, 2016 – Despite the fact there is clear evidence that physical education in schools is America’s best approach to raising active, smart, and healthy children, the state of Illinois is ignoring the evidence and allowing physical education to be cut out of schools throughout the state.

A recent article in the Chicago Tribune reveals that Illinois -- once considered the model state for daily P.E. in school -- is pulling an about face and giving schools waivers on offering daily P.E. to its students.  This is sending a bad lifestyle message to children in Illinois.

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SportsArt Latest Fitness Supplier To Join AFS

(Oakland, CA, June 9, 2016) – The Association of Fitness Studios (AFS) today proudly announced and welcomed the addition of SportsArt to its membership and sponsorship ranks.

With over 38 years of innovative design and manufacturing excellence, SportsArt consistently seeks to advance industry standards, positioning itself as one of the most creative manufacturers of premium quality fitness, medical, performance and residential equipment. 

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Medical Fitness Network Founder, Lisa Dougherty, is Finalist for the White House Champion of Change

(May 26, 2016) Orange County, CA. –“Makers and builders and doers – of all ages and backgrounds – have pushed our country forward, developing creative solutions to important challenges and proving that ordinary Americans are capable of achieving the extraordinary when they have access to the resources they need” – President Obama, National Week of Making Proclamation.

It was announced today that Lisa Dougherty, founder of the Medical Fitness Network is a finalist for the White House Champion of Change for Making for the Medical Fitness Network project.

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Brick Bodies Expands into Boutique Fitness Studio Space

Brick Bodies Fitness Services Inc., Timonium, Maryland, has announced plans to open a new co-ed studio in Baltimore's Belvedere Square.

Studio B Yoga and Barre is a 2,500-square-foot facility that is expected to open at the end of this month, according to a media release. The studio will be a separate brand from Brick Bodies and Lynne Brick's health clubs.

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SportsArt ECO-POWR™ Generates Green Energy at Radisson Red

SportsArt ECO-POWR™ continues to encourage facilities to embrace the benefits of sustainability, recently extending to the hospitality space in Europe.

As featured in the Carlson Rezidor Responsible Business brochure, guests of the Radisson Red Hotel in Brussels — their first flagship hotel brand specifically catering to Millennials — return the kinetic energy they create while exercising to the hotel's electrical grid, which generates power for the hotel and can lower energy bills overall.

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2019 Fitness Studio Operating & Financial Benchmarking Report 

The 2019 report is our most ambitious yet, including a financial breakdown of studios by region, studio type, and size to get the most accurate data possible.

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2019 Fitness Studio Trend Report  

To ensure a variety of feedback, AFS canvassed its Advisory Council, vendor partners, and leading studio and gym operators to reveal their top trends for 2019!

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2018 Fitness Studio Operating & Financial Benchmarking Report 

From coast to coast, the 2018 report canvassed the US to get the most accurate data possible. The 2018 report shows the studio market continues to thrive and become increasingly revenue efficient.

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2018 Fitness Studio Trend Report 

To ensure a variety of perspectives AFS canvassed it’s Advisory Council, Vendor Partners, and leading studio operators on trends they see growing or continuing in 2018. 

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2017 Fitness Studio Operating & Financial Benchmarking Report 

The 2017 Report has expanded the reach of respondents to mirror the expansion of AFS and the studio business. A full 30% of respondents to this year’s survey are from non-U.S. locations.

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Marketing Best Practices Research Report 

We surveyed hundreds of studio owners across the country, identified the successful strategies, and provide them to you in this first-ever research report! 

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