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Join AFS and CEO and Co-Founder of WellnessLiving Len Fridman as we discuss tips for optimizing your virtual business and new revenue stream.

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Kyla Fagenly describes how becoming a Fit Bodies, Inc. instructor and a world-traveler has changed her life. Watch for yourself, and learn how Kyla inspires people around the globe to live a healthy lifestyle and how you can too!

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Join AFS and Matrix as we discuss how to create a program design blueprint that delivers consistent, reliable results all while improving your client's life!

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Join AFS and The Bright Method as we unlock the proven method to organize, attract clients, and make more money online.

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Mike Jesowshek, of JETRO and Associates, walks us through the new COVID-19 government loan options available for businesses.

1) Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL)
2) Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)

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15-min streamlined presentation that tackles all key business issues. Presented by Michael Romig, AFS Mentor and Community Leader.

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Robert Linkul, owner of Be STRONGER Fitness, walks us through the steps of accelerated implementation as he moves his programming online for existing clients during the coronavirus crisis.

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The folks at Online Trainers Federation share their thoughts on how studios can diversify their income with online training, and how they can use online training to continue to work with their clients during the quarantine period.

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The panelist discuss their thoughts on the future of studios with some continued online training, and what to expect when studios reopen their doors to clients.

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Dave Smith and Lucy Wei of the Online Training Federation talk about why clients need training now as much as ever, and how studios should listen to their clients needs when deciding how to talk about online training.

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Lucy Wei and Dave Smith of the Online Training Federation share their thoughts on the value of online training, and how studios can offer similar value to in-person training in their online services.

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Rick Mayo of Alloy shares his thoughts on the importance of promoting your brand to your community even during a time of uncertainty.

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Rick Mayo of Alloy talks about the important of keeping a close communication with clients during the period of transition, having a community outreach effort, and involving your staff.

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Rick Mayo of Alloy covers the approach taken at his studios to continue to provide training for clients by using online tools.

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Lauren Eirk, AFS Mentor, on the perspective as a studio owner about tackling the challenges of the epidemic, setting a vision for the future, and reassuring staff and clients.

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Join AFS and Power Systems as we discuss best practices to solve the space equation in your studio to make the most of your available space for the return of your members.

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Join AFS Founder & CEO, Josh Leve and a panel of studio owners as they discuss how to minimize the impact of coronavirus on your business. 

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Join AFS and Fit Bodies, Inc. as they show you the top 4 reasons a teaching vacation could be just the thing you were looking for (and didn't know it). 

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Join AFS and WellnessLiving as we discuss essential strategies behind client retention with CEO and Co-Founder of WellnessLiving Len Fridman.

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AFS and Fisikal discuss a digital business management solution designed to elevate the customer experience and improve operational visibility overnight. 

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