Sales, Marketing and Retention

The Planning Process - Set Yourself up for Success

GUIDE: Stories of Success From Studio Owners Across the Country

Marketing Your Studio for Success - Five Questions to Ask Before Getting Started 

Marketing Demystified. What Every Studio Owner Needs to Know

Traffic Slower Than You'd Like? Use this Checklist to Get Back on Track

An Education in Marketing. A MUST Read for Any Studio Owner

How to Effectively Implement a Guerrilla Marketing Plan

The Top 5 Ways to Build a Marketing Plan and Ensure Its Success

January Rush Now Over?  Here's What to do Next

The Brand Promise and Its Impact on Your Fitness Studio


Sales, Marketing and Retention

(Employee buy-in, Retention strategies, Newsletters)

The Importance of Loyalty Programs and its Impact on Traffic Generation

Staff & Member Engagement - What Every Studio Owner Should Focus On

How the Member Experience Impacts Your Bottom Line, And What You Can Do About It

How to Increase the Retention Rate at Your Studio

How to Grow Your Studio Business During the Summer Months

Increase Your Traffic By Learning These Strategies to Target Former Clients 

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Brand

Leverage Your Newsletter to Increase Leads for Your Studio

Should You Have a Kids Program at Your Fitness Studio?

CECs and Driving Traffic. Strategies to Increase Your Brand Awareness

How to Increase the Value of Your Group Exercise Classes

WEBINAR: Retention Strategies for Your Studio

Sales, Marketing and Retention

 (Traffic Generating Ideas, Networking, Strategic Partnerships) 

Marketing Strategies Designed to Drive Traffic

How to Deal With Competition, Crush it and Take Your Studio to New Heights

How to Refine Your Marketing That Produces Results

Proven Networking Strategies Designed for Fitness Studios

GUIDE: One Studio Generated 150 Leads in One Month - Here's How You Can Too!

GUIDE: Top Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Fitness Business 

9 Ways to Drive Traffic to and from Social Events

Learn Why Tracking Your Leads is the Key to Future Success

4 Key Strategies to Beat Your Competition

5 Ways to Network and Grow Your Business

WEBINAR: How to Market Your Fitness Studio for Maximum Results


Sales, Marketing and Retention

 (Social Media, Email, Website, and Word of Mouth Marketing)

The Definitive Guide to Social Media: EVERYTHING You Need to Know  

New to Social Media? Start Here to Build Your Online Presence

Todd Durkin Shares his Secrets - How to Post, What to Post, and More!

Your Target Market is Online - Here's How You Can Get Them Into Your Studio

How to Leverage Word of Mouth Marketing & Drive the Traffic You Want

Top 5 Ways to Engage with your Audience via Social Media

The ABC's of Creating Online Prominence

WEBINAR: Building a Social Media Strategy for Your Fitness Business

Beginner Social Media Tips for Personal Trainers

Budgeting and Finance

(Understanding the Numbers That Impact Your Bottom Line) 

Budgeting for Fitness Studio Success, Part 1

Budgeting for Fitness Studio Success, Part 2

GUIDE: Understanding Insurance - What You Need to Know

How to Establish the Proper Pricing for Your Studio

Everything You Need to Know about Finding Money for Your Studio

5 Ways to Save on Costs for Your Studio

How to Stretch Your Marketing Budget and Get the Results You Want

Equipment Leasing, The 3 C's You Need to Know

What to Say and How to Say it When Increasing Pricing at Your Studio

WEBINAR: Accessing Capital to Expand Your Business

Starting Your Own Studio? Start Here.

Business Start-up Advice for Fitness Entrepreneurs ​

TEMPLATE: Business Plan Builder

Need Business Plan Help…We've Got You Covered - Part 1

Need Business Plan Help…We've Got You Covered - Part 2

GUIDE: How to Build a Business Plan and Financial Forecast

Six Questions to Answer Before Opening Your Own Studio

The Strategies Your Can't Ignore When Opening Your Own Studio

How to Establish a Legal Business Entity for Your Studio

Everything You Need to Know About Negotiating a Lease

The Domain Name for My Website Isn't Available, Now What!?

Crowdfunding and Raising Money - Is it a Viable Option for You?

Are You Really Ready to Open Your Own Fitness Studio?

Operations & Building Systems

(Save Time, Refine Strategies & Find the Proper Insurance) 

AFS' Step-by-Step Guide for Creating Systems in Your Studio

How to Prioritize Your Time and Become More Efficient

WEBINAR: Decoding the Insurance Mystery - Part 1

WEBINAR: Decoding the Insurance Mystery - Part 2

How Better Design for Your Studio Can Result in Increased Revenue & Retention

GUIDE: Ten Tips for Designing a Dynamic and Functional Fitness Studio

WEBINAR: How the Right Insurance at the Right Price Can Save Your Studio

SWOT, KPI, 6x6 - The Essential Reports Necessary for Success and How to Create Them

AFS' Guidelines for Receiving Custom Insurance & Real Life Examples 

The Critical Components to Designing a Fitness Studio

Why Joining an Association Makes Sense for Your Studio

A Comprehensive Overview of how the SFIC Insurance Program Protects You!

How Market Research is the Key Unlocking Your Potential

Top Reasons You Need a Custom Email Address

Top 5 Ways to Develop New Fitness Programming

How to Handle Late Cancellations at Your Studio

9 Elements for an Effective and Successful Billing Process

Top 5 Website Mistakes Studio's Make

WEBINAR: Business Ownership & Your Brain

Human Resources

 (Where to Find Qualified Staff, Employee Handbooks, Interviewing)

TEMPLATE: Employee Handbook Builder

The Interview Process to On-Boarding. What Every Studio Owner Needs to Know

The Employee Handbook, Everything You Need to Know

Interviewing Tips & Questions You're Not Allowed to Ask!

Want Ideas on Where to Find Great Trainers & Instructors? Read This!

GUIDE: Finding, Hiring, and On-Boarding the Right Talent for Your Studio

The Secret to Employee Buy-in and How to Implement the Strategy Behind It

Compensating Your Employee & Independent Contractors

Full Time and Part Time Employees - What You Need to Know

Employee or Independent Contractor. Which one is Best for My Business?

Orienting New Employees Into Your Business Culture 

Why Motivating Your Team is the Key to Your Studio's Success

What to do When Problems Arise With Employee Conduct

The 8 Toxic Personalities that can Derail Your Fitness Studio

Does Your Studio Offer Perks, for Employees?

Use Performance Evaluations to Unlock Your Teams Potential

Top Legal Mistakes Studios and Fitness Professionals Make


The Power of Community

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