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Naamly Becomes AFS Sponsor ‘Member Experience Platform for the Modern Gym’ 

(MINNEAPOLIS, MN, SCOTTSDALE, AZ, August 12, 2020)  – The Association of Fitness Studios (AFS) today proudly announced and welcomed the addition of Naamly to its sponsorship ranks.

Naamlys’ member experience software platform was created to help fitness studios and training gyms in their mission to impact more lives by building deep member relationships.

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Virtuagym welcomes Quinten Francken-Bosman as its COO

Amsterdam - Virtuagym, European market leader in fitness software and one of the fastest-growing tech scale-ups in Amsterdam, welcomes Quinten Francken-Bosman, formerly employed by Photobox, Whistl and PostNL, as its new Chief Operations Officer (COO). Francken-Bosman is Virtuagym’s first COO, and first female board member. 

Quinten Francken-Bosman has recently returned from London where she worked as Group Shipping and Procurement Director at Photobox and Head of International at Whistl. 

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AFS Announces 2nd SUCCEED! Online Event this October

(MINNEAPOLIS, MN, July 14, 2020)  – The Association of Fitness Studios (AFS) announced today that it will host an encore SUCCEED! Virtual Online Event, October 23-25, building on the incredible success of its May event that attracted over 4,400 registrants. 

Supported by major marketing alliances with leading fitness organizations, the October event promises even great participatory growth with better ways to engage with speakers, exhibitors and attendees. 

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AFS Assists Effort to Help Studios Reopen In California ‘Hundreds respond by signing petition’

(MINNEAPOLIS, MN, July 7, 2020)  – The Association of Fitness Studios (AFS) proudly announced today that several hundred members of its audience signed an online petition encouraging the Governor of California to include fitness and wellness establishments in its Stage 2 reopening plans.

Led by AFS supporter and presenter Rachel Cosgrove, owner of Results Fitness in Santa Clarita, CA, the effort petitioned California governor Gavin Newsom to include these businesses – as opposed to “gyms” among those allowed to open in California’s Stage 2 reopening. The petition outlined a common sense checklist of guidelines.

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Virtuagym launches Stronger Together: the world’s first turnkey online coaching solution

Today, Virtuagym, the software platform for member engagement, coaching and club management for fitness businesses, launched their innovative program Stronger Together. By creating the world’s first all-in-1 turnkey digital membership solution, gym and studio owners no longer need to actively do all the work to digitally engage with their members via technology such as community building, online challenges or creating workout and nutrition plans. The new program combines all this and also offers audio coaching and video live streaming sessions, so business owners can spend their time running their gym, club or studio instead. 

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AFS Joins California Fitness Alliance With Josh Leve Named to Advisory Board

(MINNEAPOLIS, MN, FRANCISCO, CA, June 25, 2020)  – The Association of Fitness Studios (AFS) and the California Fitness Alliance (CFA) today announced that AFS has joined CFA to actively participate in and promote the CFA mission and vision to help fitness businesses of all types reopen safely.

California Fitness Alliance was created to help give fitness professionals a strong unified voice. All fitness business stakeholders share a passion for helping people, for making our communities healthier, and in this complicated time of COVID-19, we want to work together to continue to keep our state healthy.

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Virtuagym Becomes AFS Sponsor With an All-in-One Member Engagement Platform

(MINNEAPOLIS, MN, SAN FRANCISCO, CA, June 17, 2020)  – The Association of Fitness Studios (AFS) today proudly announced and welcomed the addition of Virtuagym to its sponsorship ranks.

Virtuagym is a global provider of coaching and studio management software. Launched in 2008 as a consumer fitness app for web and mobile, they now serve over 15 million consumers and 7,000 fitness businesses worldwide, making them one of the leading innovators in the digital health and fitness domain.

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2019 Fitness Studio Operating & Financial Benchmarking Report 

The 2019 report is our most ambitious yet, including a financial breakdown of studios by region, studio type, and size to get the most accurate data possible.

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2019 Fitness Studio Trend Report  

To ensure a variety of feedback, AFS canvassed its Advisory Council, vendor partners, and leading studio and gym operators to reveal their top trends for 2019!

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2018 Fitness Studio Operating & Financial Benchmarking Report 

From coast to coast, the 2018 report canvassed the US to get the most accurate data possible. The 2018 report shows the studio market continues to thrive and become increasingly revenue efficient.

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2018 Fitness Studio Trend Report 

To ensure a variety of perspectives AFS canvassed it’s Advisory Council, Vendor Partners, and leading studio operators on trends they see growing or continuing in 2018. 

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2017 Fitness Studio Operating & Financial Benchmarking Report 

The 2017 Report has expanded the reach of respondents to mirror the expansion of AFS and the studio business. A full 30% of respondents to this year’s survey are from non-U.S. locations.

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Marketing Best Practices Research Report 

We surveyed hundreds of studio owners across the country, identified the successful strategies, and provide them to you in this first-ever research report! 

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