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Get expert advice on how the best fitness studio owners have not only become successful but maintained that success.

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AFS and MATRIX Fitness are excited to bring you this very important webinar focused on crafting a plan for maximizing revenue per square foot. Learn the key components to distinguishing your studio in a noisy fitness world. Walk away with several activities to further clarify your brand and boost your bottom line with minimal effort.

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From net client growth to class participation, tracking and analyzing you numbers is a critical piece to running a successful fitness studio.

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Calculating ROI can sometimes be difficult to quantify. In this Q&A clip, Ingrid Owen talks about how to ensure your programming is receiving a solid return on investment.

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There is a difference between being average and great.  In fact, fitness studios in the top quartile generate revenues and EBITDA per square foot more than double the industry average!

And studio owners and staff are reasonably compensated. Studio owners take home more on average than most small business owners and their staff are paid equally or better than those in the traditional industry.  Where do you fall? 

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What do you charge?  When compared to traditional fitness offerings studios command higher price points by driving greater value for the customer!

Plus, fitness studios are productive at generating revenues and earnings - which means productivity tends to be better in smaller studios despite larger studios having higher absolute numbers.

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Did you know? More and more studios are moving away from the pay as you go models to membership models. Learn the different types of access offerings sold, including percentage distribution by type of package offered.

Plus Stephen Tharrett talks about why studio business models are so diverse and unique!

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Are you set up for success?  Stephen Tharret showcases the latest research including how planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.

What is your studio’s greatest challenge for attracting new clients?  This industry-leading research will get you on track!

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Differentiation is real and can make or break you.  Stephen Tharrett talks about “True differentiation, sustainable differentiation, is rarely a function of well-roundedness; it is typically a function of lopsidedness.”  

And how it’s about providing specialized, high touch, personalized, intuitive, fun experiences led by passionate professionals who are able to foster the creation of self-supporting tribes.

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Insight into consumer attitudes and behaviors can help shape your brand’s value proposition and positioning. Plus insight into industry trends from finance to marketing to operations can help frame your journey.

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Finding people that fit the culture you've worked so hard to achieve can be a challenge for many studio owners.   

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AFS and Rick Mayo from ALLOY Personal Training Solutions are excited to bring you this very important webinar focused on how to build training options that work for your market, your physical space and your skillset. 

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Leadership development is a key ingredient in any success fitness studio.  No matter how you approach it, these skills need to be refined and applied on a daily basis.


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Ingrid Owen along with AFS Founder & CEO Josh Leve discuss how fitness studios can build community around the ideas of health and wellness.


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Ingrid Owen a consultant in the fitness industry provides her insight on why every fitness business knows to maximize their programming by identifying their niche.  

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In the business of fitness, TIME is your clients #1 asset. If you can deliver time efficient workouts that get results in half the time, your clients will invite their friends to join them. Most trainers have trouble drawing up a 30 minute program.

Brent walks you through a simple ABC, 123 program design that you can start working on today and delivering results in 30 minutes or less.


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Think back to the year 2010: How busy were you? How much free time did you used to have?

Now today: How much busier are you than in 2010? Should I even ask about free time?

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During the past 12 months AFS has undergone a huge transformation.  Within that time frame our growth has been extraordinary.  We've added more benefits, more partners, and more value that make up a compelling case for membership, including our ROI calculator.

During these past several months, AFS has also traveled across the country, literally - from being headquartered in Chicago to now the Bay Area.

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AFS and MATRIX are excited to bring you this very important webinar focused on maximizing your internal resource to drive success and growth. Every leader and business owner is looking for a competitive edge.

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Jenny Piro has created one of the most successful fitness studios in the country.  Fit with Jenny was established in 2006 in order to revolutionize the way we think, and feel about fitness. Built on the premise of FITNESS, NUTRITION and SUPPORT, her team helps you transform your life.

Jenny describes the keys to success and provides insight to her journey.  

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