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White Papers, eBooks
& Market Research

How to Build a Business Plan and Financial Forecast 

Creating a business plan provides clarity and direction to your vision. At 12 pages, this is a must-have White Paper. 

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Understanding Insurance - What You Need to Know 

Throughout this 6-page Guide we’ll answer your questions and provide examples of exactly how you're protected with Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation.

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2016 Marketing Best Practices Research Report 

Gain a competitive advantage. We surveyed hundreds of studio owners across the country and identified the most successful marketing strategies in this first-ever research report!

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2016 Fitness Studio Operating & Financial Benchmarking Report 

This study builds on the 2015 Report that, for the first time in the fitness industry, identified and measured key financial elements of the studio business, with insight!

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Fitness Equipment - What Studio Owners Need to Know

AFS and Precor have created this comprehensive guide because we want you to succeed. You’ll find answers to questions on some of the top issues that studio owners may be facing when it comes to fitness equipment.

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Stories of Success from Studio Owners Across the Country 

This 16-page Guide takes an in-depth look at some of the best studio owners in the country. Learn everything from revenue models, marketing strategies, to how they create a loyal client base. 

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Ten Tips for Designing a Dynamic & Functional Fitness Studio 

How you go about designing and constructing your studio can have a serious impact on the future success of your business. Use this 7-page Guide to keep you on the right path. 

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STUDIO SUCCESS! AFS' Authoritative Guide to Owning & Operating a Fitness Studio 

The ultimate guide to studio ownership! 203 pages of strategies from starting to successfully operating a studio. Plus insights from Todd Durkin of Fitness Quest 10!

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2015 Fitness Studio Operating & Financial Benchmarking Report 

52 pages of market research for the fitness studio community. Have questions running your business? Get the data on what to pay staff, charge per session and more!

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AFS Video Learning Lesson: What to Know Before Going Out on Your Own 

Learn from AFS' Founder & CEO himself! With over 15 years of experience Josh will guide you through 50-minutes of solid, actionable items in this ultimate learning lesson for fitness professionals and aspiring business owners. 

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The Power of Community

Resources to reduce your risk and get to sucess faster!

Business Templates 
& Forms

AFS' Business Plan Builder 

Over 30 pages of guided instructions, tips, and much more to begin mapping out your strategy for success.  

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Independent Contractor Agreement 

This sample contract includes the most important elements of this business relationship. Independent contractors provide benefits (and shortcomings) for both parties involved. 

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Profit & Loss Statement

A key element to studio ownership is builidng out a financial forecast, get on track wth our Profit & Loss statement. 

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Marketing Calendar Template

It's a typical rule of thumb that you should spend 5-10% of your gross revenue on marketing. Use this template to set yourself up for success.

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Waiver of Liability 

Remove legalliability from your business or person responsible for the activity and protect your business with this key template. 

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Fitness Studio Membership Agreement

Download this template and edit to your studio's unique circumstances. Use it as an agremeent between your business and your members (clients). 

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Employee Handbook Builder

The benefits of having an employee handbook are many including guidelines that clearly explains your workplace policies. 

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Competitor Data Collection Plan 

Postition yourself for success. Utilize this key template to obtain the data necessary to find your place in the market.

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Taking the Guesswork Out of Becoming a Business Owner


Your peer group of support is critical to the future success of your business. Get connected through our community of experts with a shared passion to grow your business and share best practices.

In this video Josh Leve, founder of AFS, explains how having a mentor and connecting with industry experts can help you get to success faster. (1 min)


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